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Drupal Questions & Answers Theme

Drupal Yahoo Answers Clone. Q&A ModuleUpdate: We have retired the Q&A theme and have instead built a Drupal 7 Q&A theme called: Q&A 2. Find our more about the new Question 2 & Answers theme.

We are wrapping up the last few days of debugging our newest solution, the Questions & Answers Drupal theme. We are excited to release this theme because of the type of solution it will provide to customers. The concept came from Stack Overflow, a popular Q&A website that has attracted hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of users over the past few years. The benefit of such a Q&A website solution is that it allows users to add content freely and quickly, building up more and more content for the website so that the popularity and rankings improve over a short period of time.

Google and other search engines are indexing the web extremely fast, with Twitter, blog posts, and newly added content being indexed within minutes after posting. Many Q&A websites, like Yahoo Answers or Stack Overflow, also do exceptionally well ranking for long-tail keywords. This means that, while they are not optimizing each page when added by users, the pages end up ranking well for 3, 4, 5, or more long keyword search phrases in search engines. I also don't know of many business owners that would not welcome the addition of hundreds or thousands of keyword-rich pages on their website, especially if the website owner is monetizing the content with ads or another revenue model.

The Questions & Answers theme is a great solution for practically any business wanting to take advantage of the above mentioned things. Whether it's business, finance, sports, technology/web, or even more niche related like a pet Q&A or shopping site, this solution will add value to any business model.

Some of the Question & Answers theme feaures include:

  • 7 to 10 custom-built pages
  • Integration of the Drupal Views module for user tags, user profiles, and questions display/sorting
  • Blog section (other Q&A sites don't offer this)
  • One-level threaded comments/replies for question pages
  • Quick Answer/reply forms
  • One-click Twitter posting for question pages
  • and more...

Built on Drupal, we know this Q&A solution will be very solid, unlike other open-source Q&A clones built by one or a few people. The risk of hacking and other security risks are far less when using Drupal for a solution such as this.

We'll be updating this post once we're done with the Question & Answers theme. Please leave any questions or comments you have below. Thanks!

Comments (16)

Boiling Springs Homes's picture
Aug 17, 2010 By Boiling Springs... (not verified)

This theme is very attractive to the website visitor from an intuitive standpoint. I just stumbled across it and see it is an excellent medium for my real estate business. it just might be my next site.

Michigan Web Design's picture
Aug 29, 2010 By Michigan Web Design (not verified)


When will you finish this theme? Also i would like to know how much are you going to charge? And is it really going to be similar to Yahoo Answers? I mean rating system, choose best answer, registration etc. If so that would be great. I appreciate if you contact me through my e-mail or answer my questions here. Thanks, keep up good working.

ThemeSnap's picture
Aug 30, 2010 By ThemeSnap

Thanks for the comment. The theme is complete (version 1.0). We will likely reduce the price from $139 to our standard $99 price.

The Q&A theme will have a rating system, registration, etc. but will not have "choose best answer" -- at least in version 1.0.

There will be tabbed browsing to view the users with the most points, i.e. the ones who have asked or answered the most questions. You can vote up/down user's answers to questions and this affects their overall points number.

If this theme becomes popular, we will add to it and customize more advanced options in each version.

Free Site's picture
Sep 04, 2010 By Free Site (not verified)

I love this idea. This looks very clean and attractive. If you get this ready, I would like to purchase it. Keep up the good work.

Norge's picture
Oct 23, 2010 By Norge (not verified)

Hi i reacently buy this theme....and install it via profile....but the profile insert a admin user with a pass and i don't know how to change it...


ThemeSnap's picture
Nov 12, 2010 By ThemeSnap

Hi Norge, here's how to retrieve/change admin pass:

1) Log into your cPanel
2) Go to PhpMyAdmin where your MySQL DB is located
3) Click on the "browse" beside the users table
4) Click "edit" on the admin username
5) Change the email address from" to your own email address.
6) Save

Then, you should easily be able to go to your website, click the password reminder link, then have the login URL sent to you again.

K's picture
Jan 12, 2011 By K (not verified)

Can you please confirm when this will be available?
we have a project we would like to use it on.

ThemeSnap's picture
Jan 13, 2011 By ThemeSnap

Please visit this page for more details:


K's picture
Jan 17, 2011 By K (not verified)

thanks :)

Anonymous's picture
Jan 22, 2011 By Anonymous (not verified)

is it possible to sort the comments, so the comments with the most votes are on the top ? are the comments generated with the views module ? Is the user notified when he gets a answer to his question ?

Anonymous's picture
Sep 14, 2011 By Anonymous (not verified)

when will it be available on Drupal ?

waiting for your answer

david's picture
Jan 18, 2012 By david (not verified)

Everyone appreciate the benefits of such a answer-type website solution which allows users to add content freely and quickly for improvement. It is a very useful information on yahoo answers for drupal.

Anonymous's picture
Feb 15, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Developer,
Is this possible to extend the user profile page?


ThemeSnap's picture
Feb 15, 2012 By ThemeSnap

Yes it's possible for sure. Just add new fields in the "Manage Fields" account settings for users and set them to display in the profile page .tpl.

ItsAkshaySingh's picture
Oct 21, 2013 By ItsAkshaySingh

Is Drupal support Karma points?

ThemeSnap's picture
Oct 21, 2013 By ThemeSnap


The older Question & Answers theme has been "retired"

Our newer, better Q&A 2 theme uses the UserPoints module:

The Q&A 2 theme can be found here:


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