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New Release! ThemeNews Drupal News & Magazine Theme

Premium Drupal News, Magazine ThemeIntroducing the ThemeNews Drupal theme, a unique and professional news and magazine theme for Drupal-powered websites, education websites, and other organizations. The ThemeNews theme is in a class unto itself for customers looking for a complete web standards compliant theme and one that will set their blog, news site, or organization apart from their competitors. This theme is also unique as it does does not require the profile installation to set it up, much like the Work and Play Drupal blog theme released just last week. If you have an existing Drupal website and want to integrate this professional news theme, simply install the required modules and follow the instructions in the Drupal theme setup guides section. Setup time will typically take 20 to 30 minutes depending on your experience with Drupal.

The ThemeNews theme has to be one of our most distinct premium themes released to date and this is only the first of many exciting updates to come at

Other features of the ThemeNews theme includes:

  • jQuery front page slider for features posts
  • 125 x 125 ad placement in right column
  • Easy to customize any color via the CSS file
  • Web standards compliant
  • Beautiful color contract between text, links, and headings
  • and more.

You can read more about this top notch Drupal news theme or check out a demo from the ThemeNews page (ThemeNews premium Drupal news theme or click over to the Drupal themes section to purchase.

Comments (5)

twirk's picture
Dec 02, 2009 By twirk (not verified)

Hi there,
Youre theme looks very nice.

I am wondering if it is easy to integrate a feature, where any musician can register and create a personal profile containing bio, picture, influences, discography etc., which is viewable to the public and is searchable by music genre, location etc. etc.


MDX's picture
Dec 04, 2009 By MDX

Hi Twirk,

The functionality you need can be accomplished by adding several existing Drupal modules to your site. Our themes are designed to be flexible and accommodating to many different modules.

Jerry's picture
Dec 03, 2009 By Jerry (not verified)

This theme is great! It's easy to customize, and loads super fast too. Good work, guys!

Satbir's picture
Apr 19, 2010 By Satbir (not verified)


I have a banner-header for my site, which incorporates the logo, and an image which I change daily.

You can see it here: using the free theme from theme garden.

Wondering if/how I can use the same headers in the ThemeNews theme, so that it either goes behind the Login/ Register/ Search block, or if I can move them up to the top corner of the site, so that they don't shift the banner down too much?


Logo Design's picture
May 18, 2011 By Logo Design (not verified)

This is a superb template and one which looks particualary good for news and informational websites. Looking at the underlying code it is also very light weight which in light of Googles admission that site speed does indeed make a difference, is a very good selling point!

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