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Premium Blog Theme for Drupal - Work and Play

Premium Drupal Blog ThemeWe're happy to announce the Work and Play Blog Theme that we released today. This premium Drupal blog theme is different from our other themes in that it does not require the profile installation to set it up. This means anyone with an existing Drupal website that wants to buy this theme can do so and have it set up within a very short amount of time -- about 15 minutes total if you're somewhat familiar with setting up a basic Drupal theme.

This theme is primarily for Drupal blogs or personal websites, but it's also an excellent theme to build upon for any Drupal publishing website. It has very clean code that's optimal for SEO and its clean design allows for site owners to add more custom features if they choose to do so. We love this theme because of its simplicity and nice features, such as:

  • custom top navigation icons
  • Twitter feed and Flickr integration
  • Bottom themed regions that allows for beautiful category and navigational links output with custom icons (although you can place other information there if needed).
  • Transparent top navigation
  • Beautiful, catchy icons
  • and more...

Update: This theme has been retired. You can check out other attractive premium Drupal blog themes by heading over to the Drupal themes section to browse all available themes.

Comments (10)

david's picture
Nov 12, 2009 By david (not verified)

Wow! This is probably one of the best blog themes for Drupal I have ever seen. Are you guys going to release more like this one?

ThemeSnap's picture
Nov 13, 2009 By ThemeSnap

Thanks for the comment. We really love this theme too. It makes other Drupal blog themes look pale in comparison. The clean font types, extremely easy-to-read layout, and transparent top navigation tab images make this blog theme top notch.

We are expecting to release more similar to this, although they'd be equally beautiful and easy to install.

Thanks again!

SohoInteractive's picture
Jan 18, 2010 By SohoInteractive (not verified)

We love this theme. Good job guys. Hope to see more like it.


massimiliano falduto's picture
Apr 17, 2010 By massimiliano falduto (not verified)

I like so much the top navigation icons!

Mary's picture
Apr 20, 2010 By Mary (not verified)

Nice looking template. search engine optimization

Ho's picture
Aug 08, 2010 By Ho (not verified)

I like the verticle lines/rainbow

The Drupal Themer's picture
Nov 19, 2010 By The Drupal Themer (not verified)

Very nice drupal theme, good job on the bright colors and clean layout. Great oppurtunity for a lot of websites. Keep it up.

real soft's picture
Dec 20, 2010 By real soft (not verified)

I like so much the top navigation icons.

alexthomson's picture
Dec 22, 2010 By alexthomson (not verified)

good job on the bright colors and clean layout. Great oppurtunity for a lot of websites. Keep it up.

James1982's picture
May 18, 2011 By James1982 (not verified)

This is an interesting theme because although it is now fairly old if you look closely at the source code it is still very good for seo given the lightweight nature of the coding. There is good use of js and the overall white space is clean and not excessive. It remains a good theme as well as a nice looking template. James

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