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Pro Classifieds for Drupal - Classified Ads Theme & Module

ProClassifieds is now available! Review the ProClassifieds Drupal theme features and the live demo.

We are hard at work on a new type of theme that will cover the classified ads market. We decided that we wanted this classified ads theme to look and function much like Pinterest. It's name will be Pro Classifieds. We are just in the first phases of theme design but we're already making some solid headway with the design and functionality list. You can see a small screenshot below that will give you an idea of what the new Pro Classifieds Drupal theme will look like.

Pro Classifieds Front Page Preview

Pro Classifieds Drupal Theme

Pro Classifieds Ad Listings Page

ProClassifieds Listings Page

Pro Classifieds Category Page

ProClassifieds Category Page

Some of the features of this new classifieds theme will include the following:

  • Quick classified ads filtering and search
  • Social media sharing
  • Categories like "Want to Sell," "Want to Buy," or even "For Rent" (for apartments or homes -- or anything!)
  • Pinterest-style layout for maximum ad exposure and click through
  • Mobile layout
  • Mobile app (soon - not with initial release)
  • Quick contact form for contacting buyers, sellers, and classified ad posting authors
  • A bunch more cool stuff to be shown and added soon!

If you have any input on this new classified ads theme for Drupal, please do drop some comments below. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Comments (61)

Chad B's picture
Dec 04, 2012 By Chad B (not verified)

I'm really excited about the ProClassifieds theme. I think it's a great idea. Any idea when it will be completed?

ThemeSnap's picture
Dec 05, 2012 By ThemeSnap

We are planning to complete this in early January. But hopefully before then depending on how hectic things get over the holidays.

Thanks again!

Amirhossein's picture
Dec 04, 2012 By Amirhossein (not verified)

Does your new theme supooert rtl language ?

ThemeSnap's picture
Dec 05, 2012 By ThemeSnap

This theme will most likely have RTL support. We'll be adding features a little closer to its release.


toma's picture
Dec 04, 2012 By toma


It seems to be a great idea to have a classified theme for Drupal, i already use some of premium classified theme for Drupal, but its not Good for a Classified website business.

As a webmaster or user, what i need for a classified website is location, i need to filter ads by location and categories!

I need to have a premium ads so i can monitize my website, users can add there ads to the top of list "pinterest design doesn't seems to solve this" may be an option to use grid or list for ads display will be a good an idea.

I already start a classified website with Drupal 6, you can see in action at

As you can see i add a location link in the front page, when you click a city example "Casablanca" you will get all the ads in the city of Casablanca

Also when you click a category for example Realestate "Immobilier"

You will get all the ads within the category "Realestate" and you still always in the selection of the same city "Casablanca".

Its a must have in a classified website, i live in Casablanca, and i need only to show ads for Casablanca.

I am using one content type with different catgories, so when users add ads, its easy for the users to choose "for example Realestate, it will show fields for Real Estate ads" for Cars it will show the cars models etc.

If you are guys try to make something like "" it will not give something that can be a pro classified website.

May be you can have some example for a really good pro classified web site :

It have some perfect plugins and themes, Ads by MAP in the front page. "It's a python app"
Example :

ThemeSnap's picture
Dec 05, 2012 By ThemeSnap

Thanks for the great feedback. We'll review the things you sent and see where we can improve on things or add more functionality as needed.

Thanks again!

Anonymous's picture
Apr 03, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Toma

You say "I am using one content type with different catgories, so when users add ads, its easy for the users to choose "for example Realestate, it will show fields for Real Estate ads" for Cars it will show the cars models etc."

I'm trying to do the exact same thing, but am struggling with only showing the fields that are relevant for the category the user wants to add an ad for. Can you give any pointers or hints on how you achieved this? Maybe the Drupal modules or features that you've used. Or did you have to write a custom module?

ThemeSnap's picture
Apr 04, 2013 By ThemeSnap

You can do this now in the latest ProClassifieds release. Please check #3 here in the ProClassifieds theme guide:

Anonymous's picture
Dec 04, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

I am interesting in this theme and project. When do you plan to finish job and what gona be the price?

ThemeSnap's picture
Dec 05, 2012 By ThemeSnap

We are still reviewing the price. The price is usually determined by two main factors:

1) Time spent to build, unique features, need
2) Time spent to maintain theme and updates

So, we still need to wrap our heads around what these two things will be and then go from there. Please see my first reply above for a release date estimate.


laylang's picture
Mar 03, 2013 By laylang (not verified)

Hi Jason i wanna buy this script but my server use Godaddy Deluxe plan

• OS: Linux CentOS
• RAM: 3 GB
• Storage: 90 GB‡‡
• Bandwidth: 3,000 GB/mo

Please help me check Pro Classifieds script can run on it?

Thanks alot

qrtt's picture
Dec 07, 2012 By qrtt (not verified)

Is it clone

Trevon_H's picture
Jan 02, 2013 By Trevon_H (not verified)

No, it's not a clone, it has more extended functionality such is Location, Gmaps, Rates, etc.

toma's picture
Dec 14, 2012 By toma

Any news !

I just want to add some ideas here ! :)

- Have a expiration date for ads ! may be something like deals website ( Time left to buy:

- Add ads to favorite or watch list, so people can view there ads !

May be later the look of the website can be used as a Deal Aggregator, Coupon Web site !


anagarika's picture
Dec 18, 2012 By anagarika (not verified)

Your team is grate, and entire list of scripts can confirm that. But if you want serious enter in classifieds business, you must implement search features and facilitate customers to find what they want. For example, if I want to find Tablet with specified processor and 1GB ram memory and with warranty I will lost many hours if site does not have this function. Of course, pin logic that cover through keywords but users do not realize harder way, they need easier way for search. So, consider to develop that because this is very important and you will sell script faster and you can achieve higher price.

Greetings from Belgrade

Anonymous's picture
Dec 19, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

This is a cool stuff! I suggest you put a section for regions so that when a client is search a product, they are able to do so also by regions or cities.

Otherwise, this is a perfect work. Keep it up guyz!

Bobby43's picture
Dec 19, 2012 By Bobby43 (not verified)

Hi Jason,

this is a great idea and I am interested in buying this.

I just found a kind of Pinterest-Classifieds site:

Maybe this gives you some additional ideas?


Kalled Ismael's picture
Dec 20, 2012 By Kalled Ismael (not verified)

It would be really great if this template can be customized as an Cars Listings Portal. Looking forward to see this work live. :)


toma's picture
Dec 21, 2012 By toma

Great work !

May be adding a form in the top of the page ! to expose Location, so users will choose there location in the frontpage and still surf the website in there location! the form still in the page, and users can change there location anytime they want!

Also is it possible to have a multilangue website as Drupal have this option, it will be great.

Is there an option to have listing like cars etc with there own fields ! i already do this with a drupal module called "" with just one content type, i can have a classified website !

Try to choose a city "ville" and Category "Categorie" so the field will be exposed as you choose a category

I am using to have multiple selection with ajax

toma's picture
Dec 24, 2012 By toma

I forget to metion some of the most important thing for a classified website to work :

1 - Moderation
2 - Users Workspace

You can't publish everything that a user send, for my drupal classified website i use Modr8 ( simple to use, and you can set your messages to send to users if the ad is accepted or refused, or even if its under moderation.

The user space, every user can have a space to modify, delete ads by his own

Edit Limits adds certain limits to editing nodes and comments. This can set the number of times a node can be edit. This can also set a time frame for nodes to be edited, as well as a different time frame that comments can be edited.

This is a module designed for users to have a central place to view and manage their content. It's a user-centric view of a Drupal site.

A feature that i can't resolve is when a users edit his node, i need to have this node as unpublished, thats important for website moderators, people can add clean content and then edit it to add spam or whatever !

Trevon_H's picture
Feb 04, 2013 By Trevon_H (not verified)

Please, don't forget, that ProClassifieds is built on Drupal 7 CMS. The goal of our profile installation is not a huge number of third party Drupal modules but good optimized, responsive theme templates and basic configuration of special Content Type with minimal number of third party modules. Drupal 7 CMS is scalable module platform and you are free to extend your web site functionality using Drupal core and third party modules.

blue928's picture
Dec 27, 2012 By blue928 (not verified)

Looking forward to the theme's release. One thing I would like to see is location / proximity search. Currently this is still the solution we've used for years in our projects:

Couple years old, but works well with D7 still. But I would to see an updated, simpler solution!

One one thing I am assuming because of the photos: Are all list results greyed out until a mouse over?

If that is the case, would be great to have an easy option to turn that off if it's not needed.



Trevon_H's picture
Feb 04, 2013 By Trevon_H (not verified)

You are free to install this module and use it without troubles because Ads Content Type is standard Drupal node

Anonymous's picture
Dec 28, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

When theme is ready and price?

muneer's picture
Dec 31, 2012 By muneer (not verified)

Look realy good..

will this have make offer button?
will it have payment modle like ebay.. if so then it will be bought by me

DrupalEnthusiast's picture
Jan 04, 2013 By DrupalEnthusiast (not verified)

A feature that would be nice would be for an individual to be easily able to extend the listing once it has expired or is going to expire in the near future. Email notifications should be sent to the listing owner alerting then that their listing is going to or has expired.

Omar 's picture
Jan 09, 2013 By Omar (not verified)

This is a very nice idea and very nice design.

Features Request

To allow certain ads to pinned/sticked to the top of page and search results.

Location should be one of the ads filters above the grid view in addition, to the link in the main menu.

The ability for a user to watch an ad and be notified if there are any changes made by the seller. ie reduced priced, deadline etc.

A feature to allows user to be notified of ads uploaded by a particular user via email or/and a special display page.

Good Luck with the build.

toma's picture
Jan 09, 2013 By toma


I just find a great website dealclassifieds so users can add deals, coupons etc to the website for free check this out !

May be you can add some of there feature to the pro classifieds.

Anonymous's picture
Jan 10, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)

Great project!
Many compliments!

Rico43's picture
Jan 10, 2013 By Rico43 (not verified)

check out this Pinterest-style Classifieds App. It got 100k downloads in 3 months.

It might give you some additional ideas for your project.

toma's picture
Jan 12, 2013 By toma

I tested the demo for pro classified ! its not what i am looking for :

I am in the Classified Market for years! this application won't make a difference for my business expect for the responsive design, pinterest look.

Some basic need for a classified list not included in this release :

- Possibility for users to edit there ads (delete, expend expiration)
- Monitization (users can add there ads as premium) its important for a classified webmaster to make money.
- Ads in listing, as its look like pinterest, its not easy to display ads (adsense) some ads size (300x250) 728x90.
- Search by Location, as all pro classifieds application used GEO target ads, or make the possibility for a user to choose country or city. (I see when i try the demo website, two field to add location , taxonomy, and a form by "i think" Location Module".
- Users profile have nothing to manage or view there ads, added to the website, the add to favorite stay in left menu when we display ads by category.
- Contact form, is very important for a classified website, there is only an email field that open in new window, the subject doesnt show anything for the actual ads, something like a fancybox for contact form can be a good experience for users.
- Comments : a classified website doesn't need comments, more work for moderators.
- Moderation : its important to have a moderation system, not all ads are clean, and we can have trouble managing classified website without moderation (modr8 module can do the job).
- Categories and more fields for every category : Real estat, is not cars etc, we need more option to add classified ads, display and search, a users want to search by price, by industry etc.
- Payment : as i say, its important to monitize a classified website, premium ads, ads with more photos, buy ads pack etc.
- Price : I think the actual price for the theme is high...

A classified website with Drupal, responsive, pinterest look like is good and need some work, will buy it, if i get some basic needs for a Pro Classified website.

Trevon_H's picture
Feb 04, 2013 By Trevon_H (not verified)

I'm not agree with all your statements. I guess you never used Drupal CMS for web site building. The matter is that we don't provide complete web sites with solutions for any occasion in life. This is not an ideal job to get success on this marketplace. We make every effort to create a theme profile installation with minimal functionalities to provide web site developers an optimized and responsive template and special Content Type(s) that may be used for further modification with Drupal core or third party modules.

It makes no sense to complete profile installation with modules that support all features your listed because each web site developer must have his own decision in site options. All web site options you listed on your post may be realized with installation of most popular Drupal third party modules without troubles and configured to get required functionality. Please, don't wait for complete web sites on Drupal CMS that are suitable to all your requirements. They just do not exist.


Anonymous's picture
Feb 05, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks for your comment, i am talking about classified, i just want to give me my opinion so we can build a very strong application ive purchased all themesnap themes even if i don't use them, they build really nice apps, i am using the job now theme for my success job portal, i am working on a pinboard website ! of course and that why we use Drupal so we can have a start, a profile website that we can use and develop to get what we want ! here its just my idea and my experience for online Classified website ! by the way i am using Drupal for many projects ! from blogs, portals, job application, classifieds website, questions & answers website ! my last drupal classified website

For a classified to work, it need to be easy, adding ads, modifiying ads, moderation ads, monitizing ads, premium, etc, expiration ads! and ads by location. You can explore all classifieds script in the market, and you do find some of the options or all.

The pro classified theme is a good start to make a really strong application ! review = progress


Chis Direct's picture
Feb 10, 2013 By Chis Direct (not verified)

Comparing to another scripts I think this one looks much, much better

Trevon_H's picture
Feb 12, 2013 By Trevon_H (not verified)

toma, I apologize for my criticism of your experience with drupal projects. We are on a final stage of next updated ProClassifieds them release. We added geolocation and geotagging functionality to Ads Content Type, RTL support, mobile app for IOS and some other improvements that we'll clarify after a final testing. The matter is that we make effort to configure ProClassifieds theme to save compatibility with Drupal Commerce module and we assume you wil be able to apply various monetization schemes you like. However we have a plan to create small custom script for frontpage blocks to support paid featured content blocks functionality. It's required because frontpage content output works with the help of a special script "pinterest infinity blocks".

toma's picture
Feb 13, 2013 By toma

No problem ! my goal is your success ! because your success is also mine, you make a nice work with Drupal, thats why i comment here to have the best classifieds ads in the market.

Omar's picture
Feb 15, 2013 By Omar (not verified)

Hi Trevor,

I have already purchased the theme and I looking to launch the site in about two weeks if all goes well, however, I really like to know when do you believe that the additional features such as small custom script for paid featured content will be released. In addition, will the featured content script be using the commerce modules?


Trevon_H's picture
Feb 18, 2013 By Trevon_H (not verified)

We have a plan to upgrade ProClassifieds theme next week. We are going to add paid featured content blocks on front page and maybe some other features based on Drupal Commerce module. The mobile app for iOS devices is also included in roadmap for next release.

Omar's picture
Feb 19, 2013 By Omar (not verified)

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the reply. As I have content on my site and users using the website already, will I have to re-install everything or will the changelog show/state exactly when has to be done to be update the theme.

Thanks again.

DrupalEnthusiast's picture
Feb 28, 2013 By DrupalEnthusiast (not verified)

How close is the next release of this theme?

Oliver's picture
Feb 24, 2013 By Oliver (not verified)

Hi Trevon,

when is the update about paid feature content going to be available? the theme is good. I already paid for a domain and hosting (through godaddy) 2 days ago. this one is next :)



Trevon_H's picture
Feb 28, 2013 By Trevon_H (not verified)

Unfortunately, it'll not work on GoDaddy. They provide web servers not adapted to projects built on Drupal 7 CMS.
We have a plan to complete updated PinClassifieds release on Monday.

Anonymous's picture
Mar 12, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)

This theme is great.
Can you customize it for me.
I want to use it for a particular niche?
Do you do customizations?

ThemeSnap's picture
Mar 12, 2013 By ThemeSnap

We are not currently taking on customizations since we are working to finish up other projects and themes. We did customizations last year and it proved to be very time consuming and took our attention away from development tasks.


Anonymous's picture
Mar 22, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)


will like to ask possible to have a preview on the admin module on pro classified?
Can the number of post for each user and size of uploading images controlled?

Anonymous's picture
Mar 27, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)

i have some question before deciding to buy this theme.

- is it possible if i want to put the search on the home page on top before the ad listing box?
- is it possible if i want to add categories as a dropdown on search function?
- can i change the "auto loading next page pin interest style" to page number as usual <1,2,3,4,5 >
- and i want the user can add listing with no need to register but only put an email and password for deleting their ads.

all this can be my decision cause in buying this theme, thanks.

trevon's picture
Apr 19, 2013 By trevon


"is it possible if i want to put the search on the home page on top before the ad listing box?"
Answer: The main page is created using Views module, thus, it's possible to make the search on the main page the same as on the search page. See the documentation of Views module. You can take View "search" as an example.

"is it possible if i want to add categories as a dropdown on search function?"
Answer: Yes, it's possible, see the answer above.

"can i change the "auto loading next page pin interest style" to page number as usual <1,2,3,4,5 >"
Answer: Yes, it's possible. You will need to comment out several lines in the code.

"and i want the user can add listing with no need to register but only put an email and password for deleting their ads."
Answer: Yes, it's possible.


Salvo's picture
Apr 03, 2013 By Salvo (not verified)


I have read that next release is coming, I would like to ask you:
- Have you a Go live date for the new release?
- It will include the phone gap app (at the same price $139,00)
- the mobile layout will be fixed in the new release (at the moment it is no so "responsive")?

Many thanks in advance.

trevon's picture
Apr 19, 2013 By trevon


"Have you a Go live date for the new release?"
Answer: The new release is expected within 2 weeks.

"It will include the phone gap app (at the same price $139,00)"
Answer: As far as we know, the phone gap app is available for free.

"the mobile layout will be fixed in the new release (at the moment it is no so "responsive")?"
Answer: The theme is adapted to mobile devices. If you have any problems, then contact our support service, please.


AlfyBoy's picture
Apr 26, 2013 By AlfyBoy (not verified)

Is it easy to use this theme for 2 languages?
Ex: English and French?
There is somebody they already do that with this Pro Classifieds release?

Thank you!

ThemeSnap's picture
Jun 26, 2013 By ThemeSnap

Yes, you can translate the theme. I've seen several users do this for Spanish and Arabic so far. You can use the standard translation methods described here:

Anonymous's picture
May 05, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)

Having the abilty to keep primum ads at the top would be a great addition. Did you update with the paid features you wrote about above ?
I am willing to buy if so, i am looking for a new theme for my classifieds site.

ThemeSnap's picture
Jun 26, 2013 By ThemeSnap

We have not updated the theme with premium paid ads. But we ar enow working through some fixes and improvements that we will be posting on the ProClassifieds Roadmap page:

Not sure if premium paid ads will be on this. But we will surely try.


fred_monteiro's picture
Jun 03, 2013 By fred_monteiro (not verified)

Hi there,

I have some quick questions, probably all in FAQs but if so I not quite sure if I misread:
1- Is there any demo with front and back-end available ?
2- Are there flexible custom fields with support ?
3- Does this adapt to real estate and related with address binded with google maps ?
4- Which languages are available ?
5- Payments gateway included ?
6- Does it support monthly subscriptions to featured or premium users ?
7- Is it possible to have promotions and discounts ?

Kind regards.

ThemeSnap's picture
Jun 26, 2013 By ThemeSnap

Hi, Let me see if I can answer some of these questions for you...

1- Front end is available just by clicking the demo link from here: ProClassifieds - Drupal Classifieds Theme You can email us through the contact page for access to the backend. I'll set up an admin account for you.

2- All fields are handled by Views and the content type for ads. So, you can adapt them as needed with a little Drupal programming experience.

3- You can list real estate ads and use the Gmaps module for the address for those ads.

4- Languages -- any that you want to add. See the comment post above regarding language translation.

5- Not yet. We are working on a payment gateway in one of the upcoming releases.

6- Not yet. If you'd like to add that feature request here we can certainly look at possibly adding it:

7- I guess this would be tied to #6 above. If you can be more specific in the feature request section, we will gladly take a look at adding it.


Anonymous's picture
Jun 23, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I'm looking for a real-estate related Drupal theme that can handle listings in my area for my site.

Do you have a theme that can do this?

Thank you!

ThemeSnap's picture
Jun 26, 2013 By ThemeSnap
Sarmad's picture
Jul 20, 2013 By Sarmad (not verified)


Thanks for the Excellent and good work. Is the template complete and ready for sale ? Does it include a special module for advertising as well? Thanks.

ThemeSnap's picture
Jul 22, 2013 By ThemeSnap

We just use the standards blocks for placing ads into. You are also free to add more advertising blocks as needed by simply adding another block region into the theme where you need ads to display.


Anonymous's picture
Jul 22, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)

Many thanks Jason. What will be the main feature of the new Pro Classified theme as distinct from the old one ProClassified? Are both easily convertible to RTL language? Will the new one replace the old one, or both will be sold at different prices. Thanks and so sorry for bothering you with too many questions.

Anonymous's picture
Jul 23, 2013 By Anonymous (not verified)

I love the look and functionality of the theme but is there a payment gateway to charge to post ads?

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