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Questions & Answers 2 - Mobile! New Premium Q&A Theme

Two blogs posts in a week! I should make this a habit. :)

I'd like to post a few snapshots of our upcoming Questions & Answers 2 theme. Our previous Q&A theme has done quite well. But the biggest two requests we've received from customers are:

  1. Can we have better design choices? And;
  2. Are you going to build a mobile version of the Q&A theme?

The answer to both is YES! We are currently working on the Questions & Answers 2 Drupal theme. We plan on adding some additional features and improvements as well. Here's a snapshot of a few of the design choices in the new Q&A theme below. I'll add more design comps soon!

Questions & Answers 2 Theme - Design 1

Questions & Answers 2 Theme

Questions & Answers 2 Theme - Design 2

Questions & Answers 2 Theme - 2nd

As you can see in the designs above, the design layout can be totally different. Plus this theme will be mobile! The new Q&A theme will also include Google font switching capabilities and more. We'll update you with more over the next few days. Feel free to provide your thoughts below. We'd love to hear customer input!

Comments (21)

toma's picture
Jul 03, 2012 By toma

Nice work, will be discount for the users who buy the old questions & answers !! Also for the job portal, any news about a redesign or to add more functionnalies, like resumes, alerts etc.

Id like to see a portal website that have news, questions & answers! jobs! it will be a good community website ! I suggest to merge this design with job portal functionnality, Q&A, and news.


ThemeSnap's picture
Jul 03, 2012 By ThemeSnap

We'll see what we can do for previous buyers but this theme may actually be more than $59. But we'll still give all previous buyers of the Q&A theme a discount.

Interesting suggestion to merge a Q&A site with a job portal and news. Can you please give me an example of a Q&A site with job listings? Not sure I can pin point one myself to review but would like to check one out if at all possible.


toma's picture
Jul 03, 2012 By toma

I am planing to make one ! a portal web site, with Q&A + job portal + news, the portal to give help to Drupal community users ! people can signup, add portfolio, resume or add job offer ! Q&A is for help section !

The project is not yet complete ! its a separate drupal installation



*** (classifieds)

You may take a look at have something like this !

I am using Drupal 6 for theming and developpement !

ThemeSnap's picture
Jul 05, 2012 By ThemeSnap

This sounds like a large project but I don't think we'll personally add jobs to the Q&A theme since we want the two themes to be independent from each other.

Plus, our "simple" Q&A theme upgrade would turn into a major overhaul of the theme - basically integrating and testing an entirely new product into the theme. I can see how jobs and Q&A would be related but I don' think our 1st revamp of Q&A will include both solutions.

Do let us know how your project comes together thought. Would be interested in seeing it in action!


Anonymous's picture
Jul 05, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

You are wonderul! You are the best! (Please - when job now theme will be updated?)

ThemeSnap's picture
Aug 28, 2012 By ThemeSnap

We are looking at what theme we'll revamp next. It'll most likely be the JobNow theme. We'll post more once Q&A is up in about two weeks.


Koray's picture
Jul 11, 2012 By Koray (not verified)

Looks beautiful. when you release?

ThemeSnap's picture
Aug 28, 2012 By ThemeSnap

About two weeks from today (aug 27th).


Anonymous's picture
Sep 06, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, any news about release date?

Anonymous's picture
Jul 13, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

My wallet is ready for this theme. They look great and I can't wait!!! I like design 2 the most - or design 1 with diff. background. :)

bennos's picture
Aug 16, 2012 By bennos (not verified)

Wanna buy it, when it is ready.

Auto code scanner's picture
Aug 20, 2012 By Auto code scanner (not verified)

As you can tell in the models above, the design layout could be different. In addition this particular concept will likely be portable! The new Q&A style will likely include Yahoo and google typeface switching capabilities and much more.

Anonymous's picture
Aug 22, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

When can we expect to see this released??

ThemeSnap's picture
Aug 28, 2012 By ThemeSnap

See the above reply for a release date. Thanks!

Anonymous's picture
Aug 28, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

What can be a good addition to q&a ! Is the possibity to have users rank for the number of q and a, like yahoo q&a to encourage users to reply questions, it can achieved by users points and auto assign roles, i already have the old script and i added an option to import questions from yahoo q&a ! I think having different categories not tags to add advanced users or expert users for specific categories, ex doctors to health categorie!

ThemeSnap's picture
Aug 28, 2012 By ThemeSnap

The new Q&A will have an achievements ranking method, so users who answer, like, or vote up/down questions a certain number of times will get points and badges. Maybe this is what you're referring to?


Punit Thakkar's picture
Aug 29, 2012 By Punit Thakkar (not verified)

Hey Jason,

The look and feel of this site seems to like a social bookmarking website created in a pligg open source. But i must say it is quite decent. I am looking forward for the new updated themes.

Mohamed's picture
Sep 06, 2012 By Mohamed (not verified)

Hi Jason,

the Q&A theme looks great. Here is what I need and I hope you can answer me if this is doable.

First, I am wondering if this can be translated into Arabic and have it right aligned because my website will be in Arabic + English. User should be able to switch languages easily.

Is it also possible to use the same base theme, but adding blog, forum, search page as follows:

1) search page/tab where users can look up items
2) another tab for a forum
3) another tab for a blog; a real blog with 'date cloud', comment, etc

Would it be possible to have these using your theme as a base? Or do we need to redesign the theme to match those other pages? The problem with such themes IMHO is that it is limited to one purpose/business. If the theme is scalable and can be extended, it would be great and it serves different business case scenarios. I look forward to hearing from you.

Great themes indeed!

Anonymous's picture
Sep 21, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

Hi there,

Really like the theme, its very simple and fun.

I was wondering if its possible for users to ask Polls instead of questions on the theme?

Many thanks

Bhavik Shah's picture
Apr 02, 2013 By Bhavik Shah (not verified)

I am thinkng of starting a new portal with your theme, can you please let me know if is possible to to keep more ads in this theme??

Chuck's picture
Jun 28, 2013 By Chuck (not verified)

Theme looks professional. Instead of putting PPC ads it might be more beneficial to put affiiate links.

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