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Shoppica - Premium Drupal 7 Ubercart Theme Released!

Shoppica Ubercart 7 Premium ThemeWe'd like to announce a new addition - The Drupal 7 Shoppica theme

We just completed the Shoppica Drupal 7 theme that integrates Ubercart, the most popular open source commerce modules for Drupal. The Shoppica theme allows for infinite color schemes. You can likerally change every aspect of this theme's colors - with added background textures and several default colors included.

The Shoppica theme also comes with front page and category sliders, custom Twitter and Facebook integration, jQuery product previews with thumbnails, and tons of other options.

This theme is for Drupal 7 and comes with the installation profile which allows for easy installation on a new MySQL database and new Drupal installation. Download it today and have one of the most professional Drupal 7 Ubercart themes on the market.

Comments (30)

Anonymous's picture
Aug 24, 2011 By Anonymous (not verified)
Valentina Muñoz's picture
Oct 15, 2011 By Valentina Muñoz (not verified)

In the title of this post says Ubercart Theme, but in the complete description of this theme it says Commerce Module. Can this theme be used with both modules? I'm interested in buying it for Ubertcart.

Thank you.

ThemeSnap's picture
Oct 19, 2011 By ThemeSnap

Hi Valentina,
I looked at that page and did a page text search (even looking at the META data like title, etc) and did not find the word Ubercart mentioned there. Can you tell me where exactly you see it on the theme details page?

Also, to answer your other question about the Shoppica theme being available for Ubercart, we do have that version available as well. We just migrated over the the Commerce module in late Sept., so the previous version was Shoppica + Ubercart (Drupal 7 & Ubercart v3.0).

If you order the current Shoppica + Commerce module version, just send an email through the contact form with your order information and I'll send along the Shoppica + Ubercart version to ya.


Valentina Muñoz's picture
Nov 09, 2011 By Valentina Muñoz (not verified)

This post title says "Shoppica - Premium Drupal 7 Ubercart Theme Released!". but there is no "Ubercart Theme", instead there is a link to "Shoppica - Drupal 7 Commerce Theme", that's my point.

Well, thanks for the offer, it would be nice to have both themes (the Ubercart and Commerce based). I already bought the "Shoppica - Drupal 7 Commerce Theme" and i loved it.

I got a couple of suggestion for future version, ¿where can i shared with your team?

This is an excellent theme, great job!

Thank you

ThemeSnap's picture
Nov 12, 2011 By ThemeSnap

We have the Ubercart and Commerce version available for Shoppica. We first built it using Ubercart, then re-built the theme using the newer Commerce module.

If anyone buys this theme, they will automatically receive the Commerce version (newest one) in their download. However, just let us know if you want the Ubecart version and we'll send it your way :)


Jake's picture
Nov 02, 2011 By Jake (not verified)

if i buy this will you also send me the ubercart version?

ThemeSnap's picture
Nov 12, 2011 By ThemeSnap

Yes, we can send it to you. Please see the comment I made above your comment on this page.

Jake's picture
Nov 04, 2011 By Jake (not verified)

I would like to purchase this but I would also only want the ubercart version is that possible?

ThemeSnap's picture
Nov 12, 2011 By ThemeSnap

We have both the Shoppica + Ubercart and Shoppica + Commerce versions available. Just email us with your order information and we'll send over the Shoppica + Ubercart version to ya.

Stephencb's picture
Nov 05, 2011 By Stephencb (not verified)

I have just downloaded Shoppica and have become a little confused. I thought it now used Drupal 7 with Commerce. Just setting up and on the date/time config page, there is a box to set these in Ubercart! Which commerce package am I using?

Many thanks

ThemeSnap's picture
Nov 12, 2011 By ThemeSnap

Can you please explain what you mean by "there is a box to set these in Ubercart" ?

You purchased the Commerce version. If you'd like the Ubercart version, we have that too. Just email us through the contact form with your original order information and I'll send it over if you need it.

Stephencb's picture
Nov 13, 2011 By Stephencb (not verified)

It is the Commerce version I wanted, so that is fine. I guess there are the odd references scattered around in the Commerce version to earlier Ubercart. One of those references on the admin "configuration" page is to setting a time zone to Ubercart. The box I was referring to is just a check box. But it does say Ubercart time!
Don't worry, at least I know what I am working with now! Many thanks.

Ritesh's picture
Dec 13, 2011 By Ritesh (not verified)

Hi Jason,

I made a purchase of shoppica theme but I only got the link for the commerce module. Can youplease send me the link for downloading the ubercart theme?


Woll's picture
Jan 25, 2012 By Woll (not verified)

Are the same people behind the OpenCart version of this theme as the Drupal version?

ThemeSnap's picture
Jan 25, 2012 By ThemeSnap

We purchased the extended license rights to port this theme to Drupal. But you're right it is the same developers of the OpenCart version.

Woll's picture
Jan 26, 2012 By Woll (not verified)

That will probably explain the price difference between the versions. Shame, as I'd really like to use the theme, but wouldn't use OpenCart. I can't really justify $59 over $30 simply because I don't like OpenCarts lead developer!

ThemeSnap's picture
Jan 26, 2012 By ThemeSnap

Maybe I'm mistaken but our version is Drupal, using the Commerce module (or Ubercart - whichever you'd like to use). It's up to you though. A $29 difference doesn't really mean too much when you look at the benefit of using a solid Drupal CMS and ecommerce solution over just a short time.

Sue's picture
Mar 04, 2012 By Sue (not verified)

I recently purchased this theme for ubercart but i have some problems with css styles on images. I added extra products to be shown to "bestseller products" block and when i hover on the last image of the first or last row, things seem not to be working as expected.
You can see the problem in
Is it a known issue? Can you give me an advice how i can fix this?

ThemeSnap's picture
Mar 05, 2012 By ThemeSnap

Please post questions and/or issues in the appropriate forums on the support section for this theme and not in a blog post:

The reason the last item causes the lower row to "break" when hovering over it is because the theme was styled to only show 1 row (as far as the CSS is concerned). One row is recommended unless you want to jump into CSS and modify.

Anonymous's picture
Jun 12, 2012 By Anonymous (not verified)

When will the shoppica 2 theme be available for drupal 7?

Forzest's picture
Jul 19, 2012 By Forzest (not verified)

Its good to see that they just completed the Shoppica Drupal 7 theme that integrates Ubercart, the most popular open source commerce modules for Drupal. The Shoppica theme allows for infinite color schemes. You can likerally change every aspect of this theme's colors - with added background textures and several default colors included.

Bill Pappu's picture
Jul 30, 2012 By Bill Pappu (not verified)

Wow!! This is very fantastic looking. I love this Shoppica theme very much. It allows for infinite color schemes is amazing. I wanna get this one for my web page. Thank you...

Ritesh's picture
Jul 30, 2012 By Ritesh (not verified)

As you said you will provide Ubercart version of this theme if we purchase. Will that theme will support D7+Ubercart 3.x version? Please let us know, because we are planning to buy this if this support our requirement.

George's picture
Aug 06, 2012 By George (not verified)

What do I do if I wanted JUST the theme, without the full install profile? I already have a premade site without a theme.

Tyler's picture
Aug 13, 2012 By Tyler (not verified)

I would love to purchase this theme, but need it for Drupal 6/ubercart. I have been reading the comments and am a little confused. Is this theme available for Drupal 6/ubercart? I have heard different things from some different sources. Thanks so much and what a great looking design!

Mel's picture
Sep 24, 2012 By Mel (not verified)

Hi! I am quite new to Drupal, and your theme has saved me about a year, so thank you! I am wondering...the version I bought has commerce. I either need to know how to add an option where my customer can add personalisation details in a text field, or possibly switch over to the ubercart version - I am fairly sure Ubercart has this option! Can anyone please advise me? Thank you! Mel

basit's picture
Feb 02, 2013 By basit (not verified)

I want to buy this theme for DRUPAL 7 and compatible with UBERCART. Please advice the possibilities and also the demo link.

Fares's picture
Jul 22, 2013 By Fares (not verified)

Hi there,

I have recently purchased the Shoppica theme, installed it on the server, etc. i chose the shoppica distribution, right database, filled everything then went to my new site, bam, nothing, it was on the default theme, not shoppica, i re-installed and re-installed each time i try to change something but nothing, it all gives me the same result.
there is a specific error that appears in the modules page:
"Notice: Undefined index: distribution_name in drupal_install_profile_distribution_name() (line 207 of /u/k/kevork/"


ThemeSnap's picture
Jul 24, 2013 By ThemeSnap

Thanks for the note. Pleas submit a ticket for the issue since we don't tackle installation issues via blog posts. The ticket area can be found here:

Please include your website details, purchase info (in the required fields), and we'll check it out.


christosnyman's picture
Aug 18, 2014 By christosnyman


May I also please get the Ubercart theme rather than the Drupal Commece one. It seems that Ubercart has some cool features that are not yet standard with Commerce.


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