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New Drupal Mobile Theme - "Best Mobile"

We'd like to announce the new "Best Mobile" Drupal theme that's fully responsive and uses the awesome Skeleton responsive framework. This new mobile theme for Drupal packs a lot of cool features in so that you can make incredibly easy modifications to your new mobile theme. Try out the Best Mobile Drupal theme for your next Drupal project.

Drupal Pinterest Clone

We have completed the Stable 1.1.x release of our PinBoard Pinterest clone theme and are already working on PinBoard - version 2. You can visit the PinBoard description page for more information or to purchase this theme! Also keep up with the PinBoard Roadmap for updates and ongoing PinBoard improvements.

We have been discussing the creation of a Pinterest clone built in Drupal over the past week or so. For those who do not know what is (you must be living under a rock!), perhaps a few articles on its growth and popularity might be a good place to start your reading:

Open Transparency with Products & Licensing

In an ongoing effort to be as open and transparent as possible, we'd like to share some information for products, theme licensing usage, and also provide the opportunity to answer any questions customers or other third-party providers might have moving forward regarding licensing terms.

We received an email today just after noticing a few, not so happynegativeTwitter posts concerning about the usage of a Drupal theme we sell. The email basically advised us to remove the theme from our website because selling it did not include the author's permission. The theme in question is one that we purchased directly from We purchased it under their "Extended license" terms and we've always been certain that we've had the correct license in order to provide the theme directly for sale. Update for December & January

I can't believe it's 10 days till Christmas! This year flew by and I think we made some good progress with new themes being added, improving support, and forging ahead with new ideas and theme enhancements.

With that being said, I'd like to announce some upcoming improvements and new themes as it relates to our theme development. I also wanted to share a little about our direction for in general. Some of these changes are major ones, but I believe change is good, especially when you're talking about improving products and services. Here's a few of those listed below.

The Negatives of Selling Themes and Failing at Trying to Please Everyone

Let me first start this post off with saying that without customers we would be nothing. I say this to myself all the time and it reminds me to always appreciate our customers -- even some of the ones that make me want to pull my hair out. :) I believe that working with different customers -- good or bad -- gives us more knowledge to positively change how we work and it makes us better equiped to handle similar or future situations. It's all about improving.

I realize that will never have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. I can live with that idea based on the nature of our business and how it fits in with the open source community. It's a nice goal to have for sure, but hardly achievable when a company sells thousands of products.

I also understand that customers bring different skill sets to the table when they purchase and install any theme - whether it be for Drupal, WordPress, or any other CMS. But there has to be a line somewhere between the product sold and the expectations of the customer for that product, or the services given or not given for that product. Moving to a New Server

I just wanted to inform everyone that we are moving to a new server today. You may experience some bumps as the DNS propagates over the next 24-48 hours -- although most people will get the new location within 8-12 hours.

If you experience any issues, an email bounces, or you notice something you posted to the website is missing since Friday (forum post, comment to a blog post, etc.), you may need to re-post or re-send. Sorry about any inconvenience.

We were outgrowing our previous hosting solution and feel this new server will give us even more room to grow in the coming months. The previous host was also experiencing ddos attacks every few weeks. Those can get pretty nasty if not dealt with quickly or with some redundancy. We hope to be more stable and uptime more dependable at our new home.

Feel free to also comment below if you experience any issues with the move that may've been missed.

Thanks! Update for Sept & Oct 2011

Hello all! I just wanted to update everyone on the upcoming theme additions and note a few of the enhancements for several of the premium themes we already sell.

A Complete Drupal Video Theme - GoVideo

Update 10/5/2011: We have updated the GoVideo theme with the new Drupal video module version 2.x. We have also included the Drupal video embed field module ( to allow you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, as so many people have asked for in the recent weeks.

Update 1/2/2012: We have added a video import module to the GoVideo Drupal theme. This module, once activated, allows you to upload as many videos using FTP. The uploaded videos will use the same node title as the file name. After you upload a batch of videos, you can edit the category, description, or further enhance the video title if needed. 

Shoppica - Premium Drupal 7 Ubercart Theme Released!

Shoppica Ubercart 7 Premium ThemeWe'd like to announce a new addition - The Drupal 7 Shoppica theme

We just completed the Shoppica Drupal 7 theme that integrates Ubercart, the most popular open source commerce modules for Drupal. The Shoppica theme allows for infinite color schemes. You can likerally change every aspect of this theme's colors - with added background textures and several default colors included.

The Shoppica theme also comes with front page and category sliders, custom Twitter and Facebook integration, jQuery product previews with thumbnails, and tons of other options.

This theme is for Drupal 7 and comes with the installation profile which allows for easy installation on a new MySQL database and new Drupal installation. Download it today and have one of the most professional Drupal 7 Ubercart themes on the market.

40% Reduced Prices on all ThemeSnap Themes

We have just made the decision to reduce the prices of our themes by 40% -- from $99 to $59! Why would we do such a thing? Glad you asked... :) We are starting to realize that the time and effort required to make the leader in the Drupal themes market means making our prices more competitive.

We are also looking at porting over many of our current Drupal 6 themes to Drupal 7 -- like the new Unite Business theme for Drupal 7 we just finished!. We can see that this endeavor will require a lot more time and effort to make the Drupal 7 versions as stable as possible. WIth that being said, there are still modules we have included within our Drupal 6 themes that are not yet built for Drupal 7. We'll be posting more in our blog as we work through the migration of each theme and while looking at these modules built by third-party developers.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide lower theme pricing so that we can support and fund our ongoing theme development for our existing themes. We are also working on several new ideas for more advanced themes (and solutions) for different markets or niches along with some website changes in the coming months.


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