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Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your New WordPress Site

No WordPress site can do without essential WordPress plugins that manage certain aspects of your website. Default functionality is the skeleton, and plugins are the meat and inner organs... well, at least if a rather crude analogy is used. :)

It’s true that you must ask yourself if a plugin is really necessary when you’re about to install one, or several.

A Guide to Easily Creating Reliable Drupal Backups

About 30,000 websites were hacked daily about a year ago. Without a shadow of a doubt, the number has grown immensely since then. Not all of these websites lose their data (i.e., user accounts and content). In fact, hacking is just one way of losing data.

For example, you can also lose data due to botched updates, corrupt hard drives, human error, and server hiccups. The solution to these issues is simple -- back up your data regularly.

A Guide to Transliterating Post URLs in WordPress

The most commonly used language for WordPress blogs is, of course, English, which is based on the classical Latin alphabet. There are, however, plenty of other languages that use different alphabetic systems, such as the Cyrillic for some Slavic languages and the Greek script for Greek. This can cause problems with your blog post URLs (slugs) if the user’s computer doesn’t recognize other alphabetical systems than Latin. This in turn makes visitors much less likely to share your content and click your links.

5 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

You blog. You use WordPress to blog. You want users to share your content.

So far so good. However, if the content is to be shared, it has to look swell. That’s where social media plugins come in. They give you control over the way your content looks in social networks—and search engines as well -- and make the content much more ‘shareable’ without much extra effort on your part.

Easily Improve Drupal SEO Using Schema and Rich Snippets

There are a lot of best practices for improving your Drupal SEO, back links, and social media sharing. In this post I'll cover some of the main areas of improving your search results and focus more on several key areas such as authorship, metadata, schema, and rich snippets.

EBazar - Retina & Responsive Drupal Commerce Bootstrap 3 Theme


Drupal Commerce
Bootstrap 3.0.x - Extended Theme Sales for January 2014

Hello from ThemeSnap!
We hope everyone had a great New Year and relaxing start to 2014 so far.

I wanted to send out a short email regarding some feedback on our last theme sale that ended on December 31st. Many customers asked us if we could extend the discount on some themes. So, we've just added back some of the discounts for those who may've missed them over the holidays due to vacation time off. Currently, the themes we've placed back on sale are:

ThemeSnap Holiday Sales Ending December 31st

Hello and Happy Holidays from!

We wanted to send a short holiday email to let you know that we have more than 15 Drupal themes on sale until December 31st! This theme sale ranges from 15% to 50% off.

ThemeSnap Theme Sales:
PinBoard - 50% Off
DrupIt - 50% Off
ProClassifieds - 50% Off
Shoppica - 50% Off
WoowShop - 30% Off


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