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Ecommerce Pro

You're sure to increase your orders with our new Drupal Ecommerce Pro theme with the Commerce module. This theme takes the power of Commerce to the next level. The Ecommerce Pro has 5 theme colors to choose from including Red, Orange, Blue, Green, or Pink. Also included are customizations such as front page slider, "Featured Products" for category pages, social media tabs for sharing products within popular social sites, and a dropdown product image gallery for each product added.

The Ecommerce Pro theme is a truly exceptional shopping theme for Drupal. This theme is perfect for any website wanting to sell products online while taking advantage of an amazing open source CMS like Drupal.

Ecommerce Pro Theme Features

  • 5 pre-made theme skins with custom graphics
  • Front page slide show: jQuery cycle
  • Product page slide show: dropdown with clickable images
  • Top Nav. Dropdown Menu
  • Built with the Drupal Commerce module
  • Individual product 5-star ratings
  • SimpleNews Newsletter integration
  • Compatibility (IE 6, IE 7 , IE 8 , Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • Valid XHTML Strict CSS
  • PSD files included (upon request)

Drupal Compatibility & Modules Used

  • Drupal 7.x Compatible Only
  • Drupal Commerce module
  • Address Field
  • Chaos Tools Suite
  • Entity Api
  • Rate
  • Rules
  • SimpleNews
  • Taxonomy Menu
  • Views
  • Voting API

Note: Our themes are updated about once every two months. Since we update our themes regularly you can be sure you get as close to the latest stable releases of Drupal core and the contributed modules used in our themes. Note: We often do not update our themes with "Beta" or "Dev" module releases, as these change more frequently and are often not as stable.


This theme comes with an installation profile which installs the theme using the MySQL database information that you see in our Drupal Ecommerce Pro Commerce theme demo. This means the theme needs to be installed on a new database and as a fresh Drupal installation unless you want to attempt to migrate the theme into your existing website (not supported by Read the easy setup instructions for the Ecommerce Pro theme using the included profile installer. Also, please read our Terms of Service agreement before purchasing this product. It's understood that you are agreeing to these terms if you choose to purchase and use this theme.

Comments (8)

Mikhail's picture
Nov 17, 2013 By Mikhail

In the demo you have a bug in the display of the product at the comments left - not closed gallery, and do not appear correctly 'tabs' In Product Guideline, Technical Informations and Share. If there will be corrections gladly purchased.

ThemeSnap's picture
Nov 20, 2013 By ThemeSnap


Thanks for letting us know! The Ecommerce Pro theme demo is fixed now. It was an issue resolved in the last release and the demo was updated earlier with the correct files.


abhilamhe's picture
Jan 20, 2014 By abhilamhe

Does this Drupal Commerce theme support
1.SSO(Using Bakery)?
2.Commerce Moodle Integration (For selling moodle cource through drupal commerce)?

Best Regards.

ThemeSnap's picture
Aug 12, 2014 By ThemeSnap

1) No, it doesn't support this.
2) Yes, it will support that

Computec's picture
Aug 18, 2014 By Computec

How do we use this theme with the newest version of Drupal 7.31 Core
Have you a new version available of your download ???

ThemeSnap's picture
Sep 04, 2014 By ThemeSnap


Thanks for the message. Even if slightly older versions of Drupal are packaged with Ecommerce Pro, simply upgrade it like you would any other Drupal theme for core or module upgrading. However, we plan on updating all themes within two weeks of today in our ongoing upgrade process.

Thanks again

asker54's picture
Sep 02, 2014 By asker54

Hi , can this theme be made RTL supported

ThemeSnap's picture
Sep 04, 2014 By ThemeSnap

Hi, I do know of several others who have made this theme RTL. However, they did this on their own with using the standard Drupal protocols for RTL (with documentation found on Drupal).



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