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With the responsive ProClassifieds theme you'll have a complete Drupal classifieds website up in minutes. ProClassifieds is fully responsive and is initially packed with some great features that will allow you to set up and sell products, allow others to post ads, and all through a filtered search which gives your visitors quick and easy search capabilities.

The ProClassifieds theme includes the following main features: Responsive design, Pinterest-style layout, faceted search capabilities, Gmap (Google Maps) option, classified ads notification, private messages, ShareThis, Captcha, LightBox for classifed image previews, and much more. ProClassifieds is extremely easy to setup and configure. It will give you the ability to sell, rent, or look for services, used goods, new products -- or anything else! This theme includes also 22 theme fonts and 54 backgrounds to choose, custom blog layout, and an "Add to Favorites" option for any ad page for reviewing or saving for later. A full list of features can be seen below.

It's more than just a one-time purchase of a classified ads theme. Order ProClassifieds now and get FREE updates, feature additions, and all theme improvements as they are released. Check the ProClassifieds change log release page for more details.


Responsive Drupal Theme with CSS3 + HTML5 (iPad, iPhone, Android compatible)

Easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling - across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors!

ShareThis Social Media Buttons

Easy to customize ShareThis module on product pages - integration with the ShareThis social bookmarking utility on selected node types.

Custom Blog Layout

For blog entries and main blog page - very smart option for blogs, just configure it the way you like!

"Add to Favorite"

Option – add you favorite ad to “favorite” list, you can review them later!



ProClassifieds Theme Main Features

Custom and Responsive Classified Ads Theme for Drupal

  • Fully responsive mobile theme using CSS3 + HTML5 (iPad, iPhone, Android compatible)
  • Drupal Classified Ads module
  • GMaps (Google Maps) enabled
  • Faceted Search options - Search by Price, location, or "Type" of ad within any category
  • Classified ad user comments enabled
  • "Add to Favorite" option
  • 22 theme fonts to choose from
  • 22 font headers to choose from
  • 54 theme backgrounds available
  • ShareThis social media buttons (easy to customize ShareThis module on product pages)
  • Custom blog layout for blog entries and main blog page
  • Easy front end hover-over "editable" blocks while logged in as admin
  • Multi-dropdown top navigation
  • Sponsored ads block
  • Notifications and private message system
  • Most Popular Ads block
  • Layered PSD File (by request) for easy customization
  • SEO Friendly html code
  • Works in all major browsers
  • New! RTL (Right to Left) compatible for Arabic languages
  • New! The ability to assign fields for ads depending on categories (this function works only for "Classified Ad" content type). See the ProClassifieds theme guide for more information.

Drupal Modules Used and Compatibility

  • Drupal 7.x compatible only
  • Compatibility (IE 8+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • Captcha
  • Chaos Tools Suite
  • Classified Ads
  • Drupal Core jQuery Dropdown Nav
  • Email
  • Custom Filter
  • SpamSpan
  • Gmap
  • Lightbox
  • Private Messages
  • Favorites
  • Gravatar
  • ProClassifieds Helper
  • Search API and Search String Filter
  • Transliteration
  • ShareThis
  • Views

Notice: Our themes are updated about once every few months. Since we update our themes on a regular basis you can be sure you get as close to the latest stable releases of Drupal core and the modules used in our themes. Note: We often do not update our themes with "Beta" or "Dev" module releases, as these change more frequently, are not as stable, and sometimes cause errors and other site issues.

Guides and Installation


The ProClassifieds Drupal theme comes with an installation profile which installs the theme using the MySQL database and website information that you see in the demo of this theme. This means the theme needs to be installed on a new MySQL database and as a fresh Drupal installation unless you want to attempt to migrate the theme into your existing website (not supported by Read the easy setup instructions for the ProClassifieds theme using the included profile installation. Please read our Terms of Service before purchasing this product. It's understood that you are agreeing to these terms if you choose to purchase and use this theme.

Comments (12)

MAJEK's picture
Oct 25, 2013 By MAJEK

Good evening could you please advice what is the different between the DrupAds and you’re proClassified Theme Scripts. I am confused between the two.

ThemeSnap's picture
Nov 01, 2013 By ThemeSnap


They both have difference designs. The DrupAds theme has a payment option for monetization, custom icons for ad categories, grid/list views for classified ads, and other front-facing features. ProClassifieds has infinite scrolling for ads on pages and different front-end features as well. You can preview them side by side and see the differences between the two for design and overall layout.

matija's picture
Nov 02, 2013 By matija

Supports this theme € (euro) currency?

ThemeSnap's picture
Mar 20, 2014 By ThemeSnap

Yes, you can set up any currency sign that you like.

eighteens's picture
Nov 17, 2013 By eighteens

hi i have question before buying.
- can user add more images to their ads?
- when paid ads feature will be appear for this themes?

ThemeSnap's picture
Mar 20, 2014 By ThemeSnap

Yes, user can add 5 images to his ads. 
"- when paid ads feature will be appear for this themes?"
>> unfortunately, we have no plan to add this option to this theme.

benayad's picture
May 19, 2014 By benayad

I hope your health it is fine. your theme ProClassifieds it is very nice .but there is a problem my friend my AVG antivirus detected exploit blackhat seo type 1703
please can you explain that to me

ThemeSnap's picture
May 21, 2014 By ThemeSnap

Hi, thanks for the comment. We are aware of this issue. It only occurs in a few of our demos. Several were compromised and we are reinstalling the demos today and tomorrow. I'd like to add that no theme packages have any compromised files as you noted, only a few of the live demos.

Best Regards!

benayad's picture
May 21, 2014 By benayad

thank you so much for your answer
I am really interested for this theme

ThemeSnap's picture
May 21, 2014 By ThemeSnap

You may also be interested in the FlatClassifieds Drupal classified ads theme we're launching in about a week.

benayad's picture
Jul 30, 2014 By benayad

Hi my friend I wish your health and everything it is okay
I swa just 8 object on the site and I tried to put some object and they are told me you can't
I want to test it but I can't

ThemeSnap's picture
Aug 01, 2014 By ThemeSnap


Thanks for the comment. If you'd like to test the demo, please create a ticket here:

We will create a demo setup for you for testing this theme once a ticket is created. Please just skip the ticket fields for payment date, payment email, etc. or enter "na" into them to confirm the ticket submission.


Regular License

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for - details

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May 28, 2014
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2 Columns
Layout Responsive
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