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Q&A 2

Get tons of options with Questions & Answers 2 -- a comprehensive and unique Q&A responsive Drupal theme. Questions & Answers 2 has many new features versus our first Drupal 6.x Questions & Answers theme (no longer available). We've added several nice features like choosing the "Best Answer" or custom user badges based on user votes, asking questions, editing your own questions, etc.

Questions & Answers 2 also has a fully responsive design, so viewing on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device is a breeze, as the theme responds to whatever mobile device you're on. We also added 5 color schemes to Questions & Answers 2 -- including Brown and Green, Green and Blue, Orange and Red, Blue And Pink, and Grey and Dark.Take advantage of the editable, hover-over blocks functionality for quick editing of content within standard blocks or easily create advertising blocks with Drupal's default block creation options for your sidebar or above/below the content on the left side of the page. Included you'll also find a custom blog section, viewing of questions by "Votes," "Tags," "Featured," and "Hot," among others, and a even a custom badge module!

Custom User Badges

Q&A2 - Custom User Badges

Custom Badge Levels

Q&A2 - Custom Badge Levels

Q&A 2 Theme Features

Unique and Responsive Q&A Theme for Drupal

  • Fully responsive mobile theme using HTML5 + CSS3 (iPad, iPhone, Android compatible)
  • 5 color variations for the Q&A theme
  • Custom Badges module (currently 15 total badges for voting, editing, etc. for users)
  • Custom User Profile Page (including user's questions, answers, votes, about, website, and more)
  • Social media buttons (ShareThis module on blog pages and custom right block buttons)
  • User who wrote question can choose "Best Answer"
  • Blog enabled with custom layout for blog entries
  • Sort by options (Hot, Featured, Tags, Active. etc)
  • Captcha protected sign in forms. Custom the Captcha module to your liking
  • Karma points earning for voting/posting activity
  • Layered PSD File (by request) for easy customization
  • SEO Friendly html code
  • Works in all major browsers
  • Quick editing of all front-facing theme blocks with one click!

Drupal Modules and Compatibility

  • Drupal 7.x compatible
  • Compatibility (IE 8+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • Views
  • Chaos Tools Suite
  • Date/Time
  • Comments Notify
  • QuestionsAnswers Helper
  • Sitemap
  • ShareThis
  • Captcha
  • Tagadelic
  • Userpoints
  • Voting

Note: Our themes are updated about once every few months. Since we update our themes on a regular basis you can be sure you get as close to the latest stable releases of Drupal core and the modules used in our themes. Note: We often do not update our themes with "Beta" or "Dev" module releases, as these change more frequently, are not as stable, and sometimes cause errors and other site issues.


The Q&A 2 Drupal theme comes with an installation profile which installs the theme using the MySQL database and website information that you see in the demo of this theme. This means the theme needs to be installed on a new MySQL database and as a fresh Drupal installation unless you want to attempt to migrate the theme into your existing website (not supported by Read the easy setup instructions for the Q&A 2 theme using the included profile installation. Please read our Terms of Service before purchasing this product. It's understood that you are agreeing to these terms if you choose to purchase and use this theme.

Comments (19)

abhilamhe's picture
Nov 24, 2013 By abhilamhe

I want to bur this theme for my Drupal website.
Does this provide single sign on feature out of the box? If not how we can sso this my existing website?

ThemeSnap's picture
Nov 25, 2013 By ThemeSnap


There is not a single sign on module added to the theme by default. However, you are free to add one of the modules from Drupal to provide single sign up capabilities if you'd like. Any single sign on module should work OK as it's only being placed on the login page. You can also customize the login page as needed or required by the module you choose.


abhilamhe's picture
Nov 30, 2013 By abhilamhe

One more thing i would like to know that can i install this profile using my subdomain ?
Like as i am planning to use Bakery sso module.


ThemeSnap's picture
Dec 02, 2013 By ThemeSnap

Hi, Yes, you can install any ThemeSnap theme on a sub-domain as long as you're familiar with the sub-domain settings for Drupal websites and also sub-domain settings for your hosting provider.

abhilamhe's picture
Jan 08, 2014 By abhilamhe

I tried twice to buy this product but could not make it due to some transaction problems.
Do you have any other payment methods other that Paypal.If so please provide the account deatis so that i can purchase Q&A and Video Pro theme.
I have VISA debit card only with me.
Please do the needful.

gook's picture
Jan 04, 2014 By gook

Anyone can help me about install new tgz extention theme to drupal manually. and extra I already updated last version but system shows error message about like drupal manually updates. I think its mostly recommended choise.

thank fot your answer

ThemeSnap's picture
Mar 04, 2014 By ThemeSnap


Not quite sure what you'r trying to do. Ar eyou adding extra Drupal modules to the theme or your Drupal website? I don't think this has anything to do with the Q&A 2 theme per say. But it sounds like a basic Drupal question. I don't think I can advise based on the limited information you provided though.


aziz's picture
Mar 03, 2014 By aziz

This theme is very nice . Does it support RTL?

ThemeSnap's picture
Mar 04, 2014 By ThemeSnap


The Q&A 2 theme does not support RTL out of the box. But it could likely be made to support RTL with a little work on the customer's end. We may work with making it RTL in the coming month or two. But it's not on the schedule as of now.


spo365's picture
May 15, 2014 By spo365

Can I translate this theme? If so, could you explain how?
Once this theme comes with installation profile, when I do the clear installation, it already installs all, like demo site, and I don't need to install others things like modules etc? And it means that it comes with Drupal core, also?

ThemeSnap's picture
May 17, 2014 By ThemeSnap


Thanks for the email. Translation is something that customers can do following the standard translation guidelines found on other websites. Please this this post on translations:

Yes, this theme comes with an installation profile that installs the theme just like the demo you see on (including demo content from the data import during the installation profile setup). Everything is already included and no modules, Drupal core, etc is needed. You will likely just have to update Drupal core or a few modules, as you normally would with any Drupal theme/site.

spo365's picture
May 20, 2014 By spo365

There are strings that I can't find using Drupal translation interface. How can I find them to translate?
Please reply me asap.

ThemeSnap's picture
May 21, 2014 By ThemeSnap

Here is a guide page with links to translation methods for Drupal themes:

This should guide you with translating strings in any Drupal theme.


spo365's picture
May 15, 2014 By spo365

Hi again,

Do you do customizations on this theme?


ThemeSnap's picture
May 17, 2014 By ThemeSnap


Please see this post on our Drupal theming and customization services:

Please note that we have a $500 minimum for development service work.


spo365's picture
May 17, 2014 By spo365


Is there a settings guide (like inStock and NewsCenter themes have) beyond installation instructions?


ThemeSnap's picture
May 21, 2014 By ThemeSnap

Hi, unfortunately we only have a small guide page for this product:

We didn't build NewsCenter or InStock, as that's another author's products. But if there are actual theme issues we'd be glad to check them out if you posted to the forum area for this theme:

spo365's picture
May 30, 2014 By spo365

Please tell me how can I open/access "questionsanswers_helper.module" and its "functions" as described in the theme guide. I need more informations to set the theme. It's a little confused.

ThemeSnap's picture
Jun 05, 2014 By ThemeSnap


The module is in the module's folder of your Drupal directory. Unfortunately, since this is a custom module to get the theme's necessary Q&A theme functions, badges, etc., you'll have to delve into the code without a line by line explanation of what the module does. We don't provide this type of tutorial service for modules. But since the module is written to comply with Drupal's standards, it's pretty easy to get a developer or programmer familiar with modules to customize it to your liking.



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