WPJobus - Job Board, Resume HTML/CSS
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WPJobus - Job Board, Resume HTML/CSS
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WPJobus is a 3-in-1 HTML/CSS Responsive Site Template. It has HTML/CSS pages for Job Board / Portal, Personal Resume and Company Profile website.

1. Job Board / Portal

First of all, on WPJobus you have HTML/CSS pages for browsing, searching and filtering / refining 3 entities: jobs, companies and resumes. And here companies have complex profiles and are present in a companies directory. The same goes for Jobs and Resumes directories. There are also pages which contain forms for data input (for adding a resume, a company profile and a job offer). Please note that these are only HTML/CSS pages and if you are looking for a fully working version, check out our WPJobus WordPress Theme.

2. Personal Resume

It can be easily used as a powerful and, what’s more important, a very visual appealing one-page Resume theme in which you can showcase all your skills, education, awards, career, portfolio and contact details.

3. Company Profile

It’s really easy to use the template as a company website.

Features Overview

  • 3-in-1: Can be used as a Job Board / Portal, Personal One-Page Resume website or Company Profile website.
  • Forms for adding the Resumes, Company Profiles and Job Offers
  • Latest web technologies for an oustanding User eXperience: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, Parallax effect, Page Preloaders, etc.
  • Europass curriculum vitae fields included in resumes.
  • The most extensive and detailed Resume, Company Profile and Job Offer page on the market.
  • Testimonials for Resumes and Company profiles
  • Awesome Typography
  • Retina-Ready
  • FontAwesome 480+ icons library
  • 5 color-schemes
  • Static pages templates
  • How it Works, Contact Us, Pricing Plans, About us, Blog, and more...
  • Working Contact Forms - Responsive and Mobile Ready design


  • Add Company Profile Form - add-company.html
  • Add Job Offer Form - add-job.html
  • Add Resume Form - add-resume.html
  • Blog Archive - author.html
  • Blog - blog.html
  • Companies Directory Page - companies.html
  • Company Profile Page - company.html
  • Contact Us Page - contact-us.html
  • Static Page with generic contents - default-page.html
  • Add a Forum Thread Page - forum.html
  • Forum Page - forums.html
  • Full Width Page - full-width-page.html
  • Frontpage - index.html
  • Job Offer Details Page - job.html
  • Job Offers Directory Page - jobs.html
  • Layer Slider Page - layer-slider.html
  • Static Page with Left Sidebar - left-sidebar.html
  • Login Page - login.html
  • My Account Page - my-account.html
  • Register Page - register.html
  • Reset Password Page - reset.html
  • Resume Details Page - resume.html
  • Resumes Directory Page - resumes.html
  • Blog Post Sample Page - top-companies-2014.html
  • Blog Post Sample Page - top-jobs-2014.html
  • Blog Post Sample Page - top-resumes-2014.html
  • + all these pages for 5 color schemes


Important Notes:

1. This theme is the HTML/CSS version and doesn't include any functionality. If you want a full working product, check our WPJobus WordPress Theme. We've published this one by popular demand for the HTML/CSS version for further implementations for other CMS or for custom programmed scripts.

2. Please note that the theme doesn't come with the content found on the live demo because we don't have the right to include those images in the theme package. Plus why would you need the demo content, while having your own content. We have however included some demo content and all the settings you need in order to have everything running properly.

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Added on 12 Jan 2015
Updated on 17 Jun 2015
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