Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of items can I sell on ThemeSnap?

A: We have categories currently for Drupal, WordPress, HTML Templates, and PSD Templates. However, we are looking at expanding this based on author recommendations.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Our payments are sent out on the 15th of each month for the previous month's sales. We currently use Paypal for payments.

Q: How do I support the items I add to ThemeSnap?

A: We currently allow comments for products and these are moderated. We also allow a link or links to your own forum/support pages for product support.

Q: Do I own the rights to the files I upload on ThemeSnap?

A: Yes. All files that you create are yours. We are only the marketplace to help you sell your files.

Q: Can I promote my items on other marketplaces if I want to?

A: Sure. We will not restrict you from selling on other sites. Other marketplaces cut your non-exclusive percentage to around 30%. We don't believe in that type of "penalty" for wanting to promote your work elsewhere. But, make sure that the selling price is not lower on other marketplaces and the product demo includes a link to your ThemeSnap product page.

Q: What is the review process like on ThemeSnap?

A: Glad you asked! We review each product submitted to our marketplace in several areas, but after it is published for sale, as we want this process to be convenient for you. Criterias: 1) Item design 2) Item documentation 3) Item support options. We will put all submissions through a rigorous review process. We want to make sure that our marketplace is top notch with quality products.

Q: Can I remove my product at any time?

A: Sure. It's yours, so you can remove it if you ever need to. We hope you won't but we know sometimes it might be necessary. Just to note: Since we don't have percentage penalties for selling your files elsewhere, leaving it on ThemeSnap may earn you more income in the long run.

Useful Links

Tips on How to Nicely Present Your Product

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Reasons to Become an Author on ThemeSnap

Terms and Conditions

Here are some things you should know before uploading items to ThemeSnap

Even if ThemeSnap let's you upload your items for sale instantly, without any review process or steps to become an author, there are several conditions that you should know. Please take some time and read all our guidelines and terms of service dedicated to authors, before uploading any items.

Getting your item ready for upload

Sometimes getting all your files packaged and creating all of the needed documentation might seem like a huge endeavor. We understand that this takes a lot of time and attention to detail. But taking the time to make sure your files and documentation are the best they can possibly be will save you, ThemeSnap, and your customers a lot of headaches once your product is submitted. Building great product documentation reduces customer questions and makes your product really stand out while providing superior details for your customers.

Before we get with the product submission details, here is a short list of what ThemeSnap would consider as the most important "ingredients" for submitting a great product:

Files Package

Make sure you include all necessary files for the product in the product archive. And don't forget about the documentation or any other files which are mandatory for the product to function properly.

Test It

The product included in the package should work as described. Make sure you test that. Our moderators test the products using the documentation you write. In case it won't work as described on the product description page, we'll unpublish the item

Ownership & Licensing

The product has to be yours or you should have selling rights. All files need to have proper licensing, i.e. images, third-party software, JavaScripts, etc. All the responsibility of having proper licenses and rights on product packages is on you.


You are not obliged to provide support, though buyers appreciate a lot product support. In case you don't want to provide support, please mention that on your product description page so buyers are clear about that right from the start. In case you provide support, you can do it using ThemeSnap commenting system or on your own support center URL.

Item Quality & Standards

Even though we let you publish your item instantly, we review the items. Please be very careful on item description, because it should match exactly your item for sale. We'll check that.

Item presentation on ThemeSnap

One of the first goals to achieving the highest possible sales for your product will be in its presentation. A well designed and packaged product really impacts the sales. But probably the biggest factor for customers reviewing your product when comparing to other products within the marketplace will be the product thumbnail, product poster image and product description. These are the first things a customer will see. The more creative and descriptive the product images are will almost certainly translate to higher click-through rates on your product pages and, in turn, more sales for you.

Make sure to mention all product features in the description. Also make sure to be as exact as possible while adding the product details in the upload process. You can also enrich your presentation with images. Make sure to read our product presentation recommendations article.

Product Thumbnail 80x80px and Product Poster Example 590x300px
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Product promotion tips

Other than a great product preview image, following these simple guidelines below will make sure you're on your way to increasing your orders and followers on the ThemeSnap marketplace.

Make your live demo of your theme or files as presentable as possible, adding real text (avoiding "loreum ipsum" text) and adding nice images and not blank or non-relevant images. Making your theme or product look like a "real" website or live web project increases conversions since it helps potential customers "see" their own content there. It's all about presentation. Right?

You can showcase certain functionality you've added through your demo that makes it stand out from other products. Do you have a really cool slider that you have permission to use in your theme? Describe it in the demo and the product page where you'll list your product. Do you provide free updates for your product or products? Let potential customers know this important detail. On this same note, if you provide a change log for your product, you may want to mention it to customers so that they'll know they can get ongoing updates.

Another important selling point for your products is supporting what you create. Bad or no support can easily earn any marketplace author a bad reputation and reduced sales from customers. If you do offer support for your products, then please list exactly what users should expect with your support.

Example: Will you only support theme bugs? If you'll support any customization requests, what type will they be? Will you send notices of possible issues or updates to all theme buyers or simply provide those details through your change log (if provided) or through some other method?

Promoting your Added Products

There are many ways to promote your creative work. We will add more to this section to help you sell more products. But just a few that are easier and that should be on your rondo list after getting your product accepted are:

  • Create a Facebook account for your products and talk about how awesome they are!
  • Tweet your products and encourage followers
  • Since we do require a support section on your own domain for supporting your product(s), you can blog about new products added, or feature them on your website
  • Use Tumblr, Pinterest, or StumbleUpon to promote your products
  • Try out advertising for your own products, either through PPC, ad banners, or exchanging links with other, similar niches
  • Write for ThemeSnap! We will give you your own blog to add your product to help its rankings and to get more visitors to your product pages
  • Run a sale or promotion. If you want to run a promotion on your products, we will help you in any way we can to market your newly promoted items. You can even offer personalized discounts to members which added your product to their wishlist.
  • You can advertise your products by adding work in progress and finished products presentations to Behance and dribbble. More that this - you can put your products for sale with a link to your ThemeSnap product page.
  • Have friends or family on the web? Ask them share your products on social sites -- like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on.

Terms and Conditions

By uploading a product, you agree to these terms. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. Here are some of the basic, but most important, terms regarding becoming an author within the marketplace. These terms may change at any time. We will notify all marketplace authors of any important updates or changes at our discretion.

Marketplace Definitions:

"Marketplace" or "ThemeSnap(.com)" -- The marketplace collectively called

"Seller" or "Author" -- Means marketplace seller, as given the ability to upload products or items to the marketplace for sale

"Item" or "Product" -- Means any digital files or products uploaded to ThemeSnap, not limited to web templates, theme designs (for Drupal, WordPress, etc), and other creative digital files

"Commission(s)" or "Product" -- Earnings from items or products sold based on's percentage payment rates.

"Buyer" or "Product" -- Any customer that chooses to purchase any product or item within the ThemeSnap marketplace, including Seller products

You must agree to ThemeSnap and each subsequent Buyer that, as a Seller, and in relation to each Product you upload or sell on the ThemeSnap marketplace, the following terms of service.

Seller Marketplace Guidelines. You, the Seller, agree:

  • That you, the Seller, own all of the intellectual property rights in that Product;
  • That any Product you upload to the marketplace does not infringe on any intellectual property rights of a third party persons or websites;
  • That any Product you upload to the marketplace is not falsely advertised, inaccurate, misleading, stolen, fraudulent, or contains malicious code;
  • That any Product you upload does not violate any applicable laws , including, but not limited to, statute, ordinance or other regulations;
  • That any Product you upload will not cause or create any legal liabilities for ThemeSnap and the ThemeSnap marketplace, or cause harm or damage by the way of financial, legal, or other harm to the marketplace, or violate any applicable laws, statutes, or regulations by making it available on the marketplace.

Product Specific Guidelines for Sellers:

  • Ensure all forms or copies of your Products include any notices of ownership of any intellectual property rights included in your Products;
  • Notify ThemeSnap of any subsequent information or details which may affect or assist in the sales of your Product(s);
  • Provide Buyers with as much full and accurate information regarding any Product enhancements and/or new releases of your Products;
  • Act in good faith at all times between, and for, Buyers and ThemeSnap and provide adequate assistance for your Product(s); and
  • To every extent required, maintain all registrations of your Product(s) relevant intellectual property rights and of all names, marks, trademarks, and other licensing that may relate in any way to your Products.
  • You must also acknowledge and agree that any Product you offer for sale on ThemeSnap must first be submitted to ThemeSnap so that we can validate and inspect the quality of the Product and all of the files, documentation, and other information you may provide with your Product.

Seller Commissions:

Once your Products are sold on the marketplace, ThemeSnap will credit your author account with the balance of the fee received from the Buyer and for your Product(s), less the commission amount ThemeSnap receives. You, the Seller, authorize ThemeSnap to collect, on your behalf, and calculate or distribute such fees and commissions based on the Payment Rates details page. ThemeSnap provides full sales reporting for the Seller that they can log into and review at anytime.

The Product commission percentage payable to you and/or ThemeSnap from a sale of your Product will vary according to several pricingvariables, such as the product's total retail price, any extended licensing fees added (if applicable), Product pricing discounts, or other sales pricing variables as agreed to between the Author and the marketplace. Payments to Authors are made on the 15th of each month for each of the previous month's Products sold (minus any chargebacks, payment disputes, or other marketplace processing factors out of our control). If the 15th occurs on a weekend, the monthly payment will be sent on the first Monday (first business day) thereafter.

At this time, payments to Authors are only made using Paypal. We are looking for more ways to pay Authors and we hope to have another Author payment method available soon.

Author Commissions:

You don't need to sell your Products exclusively on ThemeSnap to earn each percentage payout level noted in the Payment Rates details page. Any changes ThemeSnap may make to the commission rates will take effect on and/or from the date on which such notice of the commission rate change is posted by ThemeSnap. See the Payment Rates details page for more details on current rates. However, we will discuss any potential percentage changes as it relates to Author's payment rates and any related payment terms between the Author and the marketplace.

Product Terms of Approval:

Please note that ThemeSnap may refuse, at any time, and in its sole discretion, to reject any Product(s) an Author upload for review and/or submitted for sale in the marketplace. ThemeSnap is not required to give exact reasons for refusing any product(s) an Author may upload for review to the marketplace. But, ThemeSnap will, as time permits, reply back to the Author with any ways we feel might to improve your product for re-submission. Or, ThemeSnap may give more exact reasons for the refusal of the Product to help guide you or to outline any concerns or issues ThemeSnap may have noticed with the Product.