Oh yes, you got that right!

Together with you, our awesome Drupal authors, we plan to become
the biggest Drupal Themes Marketplace in 100 days. We’re serious about making this happen.

Time is ticking and we’d really love your help to get us to this important milestone.

Do you want to know why ThemeSnap is the best place
to sell your Drupal themes?

Focus on Drupal

ThemeSnap is the most Drupal-focused themes marketplace in terms of rankings, traffic, and conversions. 9 of 10 sold products are Drupal themes.

Name Your Price

ThemeSnap lets you set your own price for your Drupal themes. Drupal designers generally have complex distributions and not just a simple theme. Set a fair price for your work.

Club Subscription

On ThemeSnap you can also opt to sell all of your themes for a single price + a monthly subscription fee. Or, you can created product bundles like these: Commerce or Classifieds Bundle.


You can easily collaborate with other Drupal developers or theme designers to create winning Drupal themes and split the sales profits based on your own agreements.

Sell Anywhere

Unlike other theme marketplaces, ThemeSnap does not punish you with an extremely low percentage payout if you decide to sell your themes elsewhere. Your products, your choice.

High Payout Rate

Though you start at 55%, you get up to 75% from each sale. Our percentage payout grows way faster than any other top marketplace on the web.

Check out the Payment Rates

Instant Submission

You publish your product instantly without a long, arduous review process. In fact, you can create an account right now and in a few minutes after have your first product published up for sale.


You have access and know which users purchased your themes. We are completely transparent and are constantly improving ways for you to see who’s purchasing from you.

Product Discounts

Set up price discounts for your Drupal themes. Even better... offer personalized discounts ThemeSnap users who have added your theme to their Wishlist. Work with buyers and make more sales!


Sell on a well-established marketplace. ThemeSnap is not new. We were the first website online selling Drupal themes in 2008 and we have over 10,000+ repeat purchase customers.

Features Rich

We’re proud to say that ThemeSnap is the most feature-rich marketplace. And we plan to remain ahead of our competitors with a responsive team that’s constantly improving things.

By Your Side

We’re close to the authors who join ThemeSnap. We actually listen closely to our authors and realize they are the reason for our continued success. We’re here to help you succeed.

Besides the above reasons, you’ll certainly find plenty of things you’ll love about ThemeSnap after you join and start selling.

More than this - Get the 75% Payout Rate instantly!

If you are a well established Drupal Themes author contact us and we’ll offer you 75% of each sale starting right from your first sale.

is the recommended price for a Drupal Theme on ThemeSnap
So why not earn $55+ per sale? More money per sale means you do less support.

or contribute by sharing the news!

Our Milestone Status

In the remaining time period from above, we want to have at least 300 awesome Drupal themes for sale on ThemeSnap.
We really need you to help us get there. Let’s write some history together!
Until now, here’s how many Drupal themes are added:

107 / 300 Drupal Themes