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ThemeSnap believes that it's the incredible work from you, the Author,
that will ultimately drive the marketplace's success.
Do you want to know why ThemeSnap leaves competitors in the dust?

Sell Your Product Anywhere

We got rid of the "non-exclusive" option. You have the option of selling your work anywhere you want. We will not penalize you by giving you only 25% or 30% for selling elsewhere.

You should reap the full rewards for your work. Feel free to sell it anywhere!

Payment Rates

You start at the highest payment rate of 55% for your products (see below). Our competitors stop at just 70% plus it takes forever to reach 70%.

You can earn thousands more at ThemeSnap and reach the 75% payment rate! Yeah, we know - that's like... really awesome!

Name Your Price

If you're building the next big thing, with tons of cool options and features, then $59 may not justify all of your hard work.

We let you set just the right price for your products.

Your time. Your product. Your price.

Collaborate With
Other Authors

You can deliver only the coding and team up with another author designer and get a beautiful design. Or vice-versa.

Check our designers and developers directory and join forces with others to come up with great products and automatically split shares.

10 000+ Customers

ThemeSnap has more than 10,000 customers, with many happy, repeat customers.

Sell more of your awesome work by joining our growing marketplace!

Sell Subscriptions

Make more money by setting a monthly subscription price for customers.

Adding a monthly subscription club fee for your products allows customers to subscribe and download your products directly.

Offer Discounts

Want to add a holiday sale or special promotional price for a limited time to increase sales? We got you covered! You can even offer personalized discounts to customers who added your product to
their wish list.

Instant Submission

Unlike other marketplaces where you wait for days or weeks for product approval, ThemeSnap provides instant approval.

We will quickly review and contact you if we require any changes
after publishing.

Payment Rates

Let's take a look at the numbers.

As you can see, we simply blow away the payouts from other competitors!

Plus, ThemeSnap has a 75% payout level not offered at other top marketplaces.

Theme Forest
from $18,750
from $37,500
from $56,250
from $75,000
Not Offered
Mojo Themes*
from $9,849
from $24,549
from $49,049
from $98,049
Not Offered
from $0
from $8,001
from $16,001
from $24,001
from $32,001
* Mojo Themes estimates were made with an assumed $49 product average price.

Become an Author - It's Really Easy

All you have to do is to register an account and you're ready to start uploading products for sale. It's that simple.

ThemeSnap currently provides a NET 15 payout schedule. So, for example, if your sales occurred in March 2013, the payment would be made to you on April 15th 2013. We have a $50 minimum amount limit for the withdrawals.
We currently provide PayPal as the payment method. But we will be adding more options in the coming months.
Have any questions about our author payments? Let us know by contacting us!
PS: ThemeSnap isn't another overnight project. We have been in the Drupal themes industry since early 2008. We presently have over ten thousand customers and growing faster each month. We are taking it to the next level with our awesome ThemeSnap authors.
Let's write some history together!