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57 months
Are you going to make update? for example better designe like or more opitons?
56 months
Yes, we are going. You can subscribe to to track updates.
51 months
When do you think the port to drupal 8 will be completed. I was just wondering a time frame.

50 months
Hi,Thanks for the email. Probably not for some time since Drupal 8 isn't fully released yet. Plus, we need to wait for the modules that this theme uses to be ported to Drupal 8 and stable. It's really hard to say with these things being determined by other third-party aurhors who maintain them. I would say 6 monthsa after Drupal 8 has been released to give some ballpark idea on updating the theme.Thanks
47 months
It's in our plan, but we have no exact terms for it.
47 months
when are you going to update this theme? the idea is good its similar like but design not good :( are you going to update theme options and design?
47 months
It's in our plan, but we have no exact terms for it.
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