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offer.jpgEBazar is a Retina Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap 3 based Drupal Commerce theme for online ecommerce websites and stores. It includes a lot of features you can easily setup to get your site 99% ready in just a few minutes.

It includes the popular Premium MD Slider with +100 jQuery effects, a fully responsive layout (try resizing your browser) for iPhone and Smartphones in both portrait and landscape mode, iPad and tablet, desktop and wide screens, 9 Home Page Variants, a product browser, filtering, brand support, Amazon ® style image zoom, faceted search, shopping cart, blog, contact form, an infinite scroll product browser, a wide social media integration and many more you can read on a detailed list. It also includes a wide set of blocks, views, docs, modules and features packaged with an easy 5 steps installation via the "Next, next ..." format.

EBazar Drupal ThemeEBazar Drupal ThemeWe use standards... yes we do :)Drupal Commere Payment MethodsThis product is included in the Drupal Commerce Bundle

EBazar Theme Features

EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal ThemeEBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal ThemeReal Estate Drupal - Retina Themexpalladium Drupal - 2 Home Page VariantsEBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal ThemeEBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme EBazar - Retina Responsive Drupal Theme

Purchasing one of our Products is much more than getting a zip file. Verified buyers get the guarantee of having a solid support service for getting out of troubles and issues during the product usage and setup.

I can say DoubleMThemes gave amazing technical support for a few issues I was having with installing the theme. In other words, you are not only buying a great theme you are also getting premium support which can save you hours or even days of scratching your head.
Really love this theme! It was easy to set up, extremely easy to use and Double M Themes gave me prompt service when I ran into a problem. Great template and a great price.
Thanks DoubleMThemes for your outstanding support! I appreciate your prompt replies and your dedication in helping resolve my issues. It will be my pleasure to purchase from you again in the future.

We provide support for any theme/product related question or doubt (We are currently providing the service from GMT -5 so please, be patient for the responses) so if you have any, please contact us. By purchasing any of our product, you are agreeing our Terms and Conditions.

Detailed list of features:

  • 4 Level Fully Responsive Layout based on HTML5 and CSS3
    • iPhone/Android mobile devices
    • iPad/Tablet PC devices in Portrait and Landscape mode layout
    • Normal Desktop Screen as Netbooks
    • Wide Screens such Mac or PC layout
  • Super Easy Installation: "Next, next, next..." format. Based on an installation profile. Watch the tutorial video.
  • Retina Devices supported with enhaced graphics and content images automatically
  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • 9 Home Page Variants you can customize to set different blocks combinations
  • MD Premium jQuery Sliders with + 100 effects (Value of $20)
  • An Infinite Scroll Products Browsers: Filtering, Price Range, Collections, Brands, Categories...
  • Contact page with a form and Google Maps API 3 integration (you can setup your business location just using a marker)
  • Font Awesome Integration .
  • +500 WebFonts via Google Fonts, Fontsquirrel...
  • Awesome Contextual Content Edition on every included View
  • Advanced typography features with enhaced readability
  • WYSIWYG text editor for creating rich text formats.
  • Advanced Image/Files uploading interface for rich content creation
  • Products Sharing via +300 social media resources via Addthis including: Facebook, Twitter, Mail, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Usability and UX enhancements: Navigation Breadcrumbs, Friendly URLs, Responsive Layout, Contextual Content Edition, DropDown Navigation, Social Media integration and detailed Documentation.
  • Custom Blocks/Views Included:
    • Featured Products (2 bocks: horizontal and lateral variant)
    • Featured Brands(3 bocks: 2 horizontals and lateral variant)
    • Special Offers (2 bocks: horizontal and lateral variant)
    • Infinite Scroll Store (2 bocks: 4 columns and 6 columns)
    • Categories and Gender Blocks
    • Featured Services
    • Paymenth Methods you can choose the card icons to show and add more.
  • +20 Prebuilt Views
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3 code
  • SEO Optimized HTML code, layout, blocks & Views for higher ranking probabilities
  • Sample content for you to have the site build from scratch after installation.
  • Works in all major browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome 12, Opera 10 & Safari 4 and their respective later versions.
  • Detailed and friendly Documentation on "How to..." with graphics you can preview here.
  • Rock solid customer support in our support forums for theme buyers.

Drupal Modules Used

  • Addressfield
  • Better Exposed Filters
  • CKEditor
  • ColorBox
  • Commerce
  • Commerce AutoSKU
  • Commerce Line ItemPage
  • Commerce Stock
  • Wishlist
  • Chaos Tools Suite
  • Fact API
  • Facet API Bonus
  • Field Slideshow
  • font-your-face
  • ImageCache Actions
  • IMCE
  • Inline Entity Form
  • jQuery Update
  • LESS
  • Libraries
  • Location Map
  • Media
  • Module Filter
  • PathAuto
  • Search API
  • Search API DB
  • Search API Ranges
  • Search API Sorts
  • Social Media
  • Token
  • Twitter Block
  • Views
  • Widgets

 Support for EBazar

Note: Themes are updated about once every two months or so. Since we (and authors) update themes regularly you can be sure you get as close to the latest stable releases of Drupal core and the modules when purchasing. Note: We often do not update our themes with "Beta" or "Dev" module releases, as these change more frequently, are not as stable, and sometimes cause errors and other site issues.

IMPORTANT: The EBazar Drupal theme comes with an installation profile which installs the theme using the MySQL database and website information that you see in the EBazar theme demo. This means the theme needs to be installed on a new MySQL database and as a fresh Drupal installation unless you want to attempt to migrate the theme into your existing website (not supported by Read the easy setup instructions for the EBazar theme using the included profile installation. Please read our Terms of Service before purchasing this product. It's understood that you are agreeing to these terms if you choose to purchase and use this theme.
used by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. Read more...
used by more than one client or multiple end products, or which end users are charged for. Read more...
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Version 1.0.44
Added on 13 Jan 2014
Updated on 4 Dec 2017
IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Drupal compatible with:
Drupal Commerce, Bootstrap 3.x
Drupal software version:
7.3.x, 7.2.x, 7.1, 7.0
Drupal Framework:
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