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FILIA - Ultimate Responsive eCommerce Drupal Theme
The List of Files
FILIA - Ultimate Responsive eCommerce Drupal Theme
The Changelog
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54 months
Hi, i want to purchase this theme, but in demo, i don't see the register module, only log-in. Is the register module available?
53 months
Yes, it's available. Every theme has register and login module. 
51 months
Hi, there's an update for MD Slider. When do you intend to update the module? I bought this theme and I've been notified that there's an update however, I can't download the update as I did't buy the module directly from Mega Drupal. Thank you.
Hi,I emailed you yesterday regarding contacting the author for instructions on how to update this theme.Thanks!
51 months
Does this work with ubercart?
Hi,This theme is only available for Commerce, as noted by the author of the product. Sorry...
50 months
There is an update to Drupal core 7.31 is there any updates to this theme to go with this?
50 months
Hi, i want to purchase this theme, Does it is possible to change sidebar second (i.e. product variation Color, Size etc) from right side to left side? And want to also customize Menu.Does it is possible?
45 months
eCommerce is great, but will it will be available with ubercart?
41 months
The demo is error, please fix it
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