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65 months
1.Home video title does not support Chinese text
2.Want to join the video viewing restriction, VIP
3.Want to join the video viewing restriction, with the integral function. Watch the video to withhold integral.
4.Registration, review, login. Invite friends can increase the integral
The hope can increase the function. Thank you
65 months
Thanks for the input. We'll review and see about adding more of this functionality in the coming releases.
59 months

I use Govideo theme for my site. I lost all video thumbnails after I run cron. Please give me some suggestions.

Tien Thai.
59 months
Hi, thanks for the comment. I believe I responded to you a couple of days ago and asked that you submit a ticket to our ticket area (go to the support link at the top of this page, then click the support link for ThemeSnap sold themes, then provide the details of your order and issue).Thanks
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