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63 months
Good evening could you please advice what is the different between the DrupAds and you’re proClassified Theme Scripts. I am confused between the two.
63 months
Hi,They both have difference designs. The DrupAds theme has a payment option for monetization, custom icons for ad categories, grid/list views for classified ads, and other front-facing features. ProClassifieds has infinite scrolling for ads on pages and different front-end features as well. You can preview them side by side and see the differences between the two for design and overall layout.
63 months
Supports this theme € (euro) currency?
58 months
Yes, you can set up any currency sign that you like.
62 months
hi i have question before buying.
- can user add more images to their ads?
- when paid ads feature will be appear for this themes?
58 months
Yes, user can add 5 images to his ads. "- when paid ads feature will be appear for this themes?">> unfortunately, we have no plan to add this option to this theme.
56 months
I hope your health it is fine. your theme ProClassifieds it is very nice .but there is a problem my friend my AVG antivirus detected exploit blackhat seo type 1703
please can you explain that to me
56 months
Hi, thanks for the comment. We are aware of this issue. It only occurs in a few of our demos. Several were compromised and we are reinstalling the demos today and tomorrow. I'd like to add that no theme packages have any compromised files as you noted, only a few of the live demos.Best Regards!
54 months
Hi my friend I wish your health and everything it is okay
I swa just 8 object on the site and I tried to put some object and they are told me you can't
I want to test it but I can't
54 months
Hi,Thanks for the comment. If you'd like to test the demo, please create a ticket here: will create a demo setup for you for testing this theme once a ticket is created. Please just skip the ticket fields for payment date, payment email, etc. or enter "na" into them to confirm the ticket submission.ThanksJason
41 months
Hi I have some quaestions before a buy this theme. This theme have quick demo install? Can i see the register form for this demo website and see user account page? Please send my this information to email THANKS!
40 months
Hi, you can order admin user account on live theme demo on

36 months
Do this theme haves monetization option? Is possible to add banners ? Pay per add is possible? Thanks
36 months
Hi, yes it's possible to add banners. It's possible to provide paid Ad box highlight and sticking. If you mean paid baners you need to use specified drupal third party module and Commerce module for it. I advise you order admin test account on theme demo to explore the options and read and see
You can also pay attention to FlatClassifieds theme to get some ecommerce options "out of box".

31 months
Is it possible to convert this for wordpress? If so, could you do it and how much would it cost?

29 months
Hi i want to try a user and admin account before i buy the theme how to do what?
24 months
Hi, please send your request on support service

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