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50 months
Looks great !
Hi there Radu:

Thanks!!! Great you liked it!

50 months
It really does!
50 months
Great Theme I've bought ever.

I'm also expecting good supports.

Thanks for your words Newsgood!!!
Wow! We are proud that so many customers love this product! We will extend the discount a couple of more days!
49 months
Bought the whole bundle with InStock and EBazar, very happy with all of them!
Outstanding work, thanks a lot :)
Hi there wejko:

Thanks for your comments!!!

Just remember you have full access to the future upgrades of the 3 products and free support in our forums for a single account in the 3 forums of the respective products.

Wow!!! We have reached 100+ Sales! Thanks everyone for trusting us!
Ist it possible to keep the top menu permanently visible when the user scrolls down the page?
Hi there Stephane:

Sorry for the delay! Missed your comment!

Yes, it can be done but will require some CSS fixes to do so. It is not by default on the theme as Megamenus doesn't match well with Fixed Positions in terms of Usability. But still if somebody wants to do it, it can be done with CSS

43 months
I like the theme and the banner says I can get it for u$s 51. But in the buying page says 79 dollars. Was some kind of promotion that´s now over? Or am I looking at the wrong place?
Hi there Tommynin:

The offer is back on! Best!!!
30 months
Hi, I just download and install the package, after installation i got these 2 message :
- Notice: Undefined index: prefix in import_seven() (line 62 of /Users/Mac/Sites/xpalladium/profiles/seven/seven.profile).
- Notice: Undefined index: prefix in list_tables() (line 136 of /Users/Mac/Sites/xpalladium/profiles/seven/seven.profile).
what should i do ?
thank you .
Hi Sninder:

Based on your next comment, I notice you already installed it. Still, one workaround would have been drop all tables and restore the file /profiles/seven/seven.sql

30 months
After installation i got "There is a security update available ... " message , when i go to admin/reports/updates/update and check all modules and click update i got the message :
- Failed to download md_slider from #
Please send me a PM to send you the most recent version. We are having support staff issues recently :( But still I can send those to you.
30 months
you can send me the most recent version at
30 months
Hi, when i try to edit any product, exp: xpalladium/items/gucci-summer-jeans, i got this warning message :
- User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: media_wysiwyg. In order to fix this, put the module back in its original location. For more information, see the documentation page. in _drupal_trigger_error_with_delayed_logging() (line 1128 of /Users/Mac/Sites/xpalladium/includes/

I try to download the media_wysiwyg module but i can't find it .
Hi Shninder: Tanks for sharing the answer below!
30 months
never mind, i find a solution :
1- fresh installation
2- update Drupal Core
3- update only modules with security updates
4- download Media module version 7.x-2.0-beta2 it has a media_wysiwyg folder inside
5- copy media_wysiwyg folder into sites/all/modules/media/modules
Hi Shninder: Tanks for sharing!
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