E-Classy - Luxury E-Commerce PSD Template
The List of Files
E-Classy - Luxury E-Commerce PSD Template
The Changelog
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E-Classy is a Stylish E-Commerce PSD Template.

It was designed to make luxury ecommerce websites look great. The spacings, font sizes, styles gives it an aristocratic look and feel which suit perfectly expensive products like watches, jewelry, etc. eclassy-psd-animation-header.gif eclassy-description.jpg It includes 14 PSD files in which the layers are logically grouped.


  • Front Page - ver 1 - featured products, shop categories, latest additions, subscribe to newsletter, video presentation, footer
  • Front Page - ver 2 - slider, shop categories, featured products, video presentation, latest additions, subscribe to newsletter, footer
  • About Us Page - history, team, video presentation, footer
  • Blog Category Page - sticky post type, quote post type, image gallery post type, single image post type, hyperlink post type, bottom post pages navigation and footer
  • Blog Post Page - featured image, post excerpt, contents, quote, sidebar widgets, image gallery, comments, author information, pages navigation and footer
  • Shop Category Page - top price filter (on / off - hidden group), shop products, pagination and footer.
  • Shop Checkout Page - Cart details, shipping information, discount field, payment methods, billing details and footer.
  • Contact Us Page - Contact form, map, subscribe to newsletter form and footer.
  • Shop Product Page - Add to cart, item description, additional information, product reviews, video presentation, related products, newsletter and footer.
  • Services Page - services vertical tabs described, pricing plans, client testimonials, video presentation, newsletter and footer.
  • Shop Shopping Cart Page - shopping cart items, totals, shipment, discount coupon field, newsletter and footer.

Files Structure (14 PSD files):

We've included 14 PSD files, with grouped layers for this PSD theme. 2 of them are used to describe how the search and the shopping cart will look like after they are clicked. And another one describes how the product page looks before scroll down and after, together with the header part.

  1. Front Page - ver 1 - eclassywp-frontpage.psd
  2. Front Page - ver 2 - eclassywp-frontpage-version-2.psd
  3. About Us Page - eclassywp-about-us-after-scroll.psd
  4. Blog Category Page - eclassywp-blog-category-page-after-scroll.psd
  5. Blog Post Page - eclassywp-blog-post.psd
  6. Shop Cart Dropdown Menu - eclassywp-cart-dropdown.psd
  7. Shop Category Page - eclassywp-category-page-after-scroll.psd
  8. Shop Checkout Page - eclassywp-checkout-page-after-scroll.psd
  9. Contact Us Page - eclassywp-contact-page-after-scroll.psd
  10. Shop Product Page - eclassywp-product-page-after-scroll.psd
  11. Shop Product Page - before scroll (header described and how the product image and title iteracts before scroll down) - eclassywp-product-page.psd
  12. Search Overlay - what happens after clicking on the search icon - eclassywp-search-overlay.psd
  13. Services Page - eclassywp-services-after-scroll.psd
  14. Shop Shooping Cart Page - eclassywp-shopping-cart-after-scroll.psd


We've used the Font Awesome library for this theme, so you can make use of 400+ resizable icons without any problems. Also, the objects are mostly vector shapes so you can modify their size, color, effects easily. All the PSD files layers are grouped. Also, the PSD files don't include images used in the previews and have placeholders instead (more exactly they have a 98% opacity on the same image layer - so you can have a better understanding of the images and solid layers). We've used the following free resources and files as listed:


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Added on 24 Jan 2016
Updated on 24 Jan 2016
Minimum Adobe CS Version:
PSD Resolution (DPI):
72 dpi
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