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Since 20 Mar 2014

About Us

We specialize in complex development, design, and support of all kinds of web applications. We focus on building modern systems, embracing good ideas and delivering top notch designs.

Our sole intention is to create custom yet cost-efficient real estate websites from scratch, matching them with your unique business needs.

We have in-house capabilities in website planning, design, programming and SEO. We routinely build custom online applications and complex requirements. In addition, we perform part of these services in partnership with other companies, such as design agencies.

Service Description

Database design is an essential part of any project. With the right approach to the design, any application gains flexibility in the development and future support.

Server-side development. The main goal on this stage is to create logical and efficient application kernel with full integrity with database. Special attention is paid to applications speed and security level.

Client-side development. On this stage the top priority is to provide user with convenience when working with application in any modern web-browser, including mobile phones.

Optimization. The final optimization of the project is intended for quicker and easier work as well as reducing total server load.

Project deployment. It is the final development stage. We make the final testing in the end of it.

To learn more about our company, please, enter our official web-site - http://terranet.md/

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