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BeCommunity - Portfolios Community WordPress Theme
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BeCommunity - Portfolios Community WordPress Theme
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35 months
Nice theme,but why there's no notification menu, and can users post goods without PRO ACCOUNT
35 months
when adding post in Upload Project these message appear
Notice: Undefined index: resume-state in /nfs/c08/h03/mnt/126636/domains/ on line 891
34 months
I already purchased Directory Builder Pro via Theme Snap. I don’t get any purchase code to register in your help forum. I desperately use your theme and contact you. This is my purchase order nr : O52236756A7228T2L15837. I bought from you on 17 June 2016
So I switch to another theme. And now I want may MONEY BACK! Because $96 is not cheap. Please send back my money soon or I will write about your service and theme in every forum and your media social tomorrow
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